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Topic: cleaning the hottop back filter (7 msgs / 118 lines)
1) From: gwargo1
Hey Everyone,
Another hottop question.  since I am still having some funky tasting roasts, I have decided that the next step is to clean and/or replace the rear filter.  since I just ordered a new one from SM's, I thought I would experiment with cleaning the current one while I wait.  So, before the filter and the cafiza arrives, all I have on hand is Urnex Clearly Coffee and Urnex Urn & Brewer Cleaner.  Would either of these work without ruining the filter?  I read somewhere (I can't remember where) that the newer paper filters cannot be cleaned anymore.  I don't know if that is true, but if these 2 cleaners aren't recommended, what else would work?  The filter is the one were 1 side is a black pad-like thing  with the other side being the white folded part.
any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

2) From: gin
how long have you used the hot top with it's current filter? average number of roasts?
you can take the back off, remove the fan ande soak the entire thing, 
---- gwargo1 wrote: 

3) From: Barry Luterman
Don't use any cleaner on it. Just spray water through the filter and let it 
dry.   The filter can be used for 20 roasts, cleaned, used for 20 more 
roasts, then thrown away.

4) From: Tim TenClay
I tried cleaning mine... didn't work very well, although I followed
directions someone else posted here a while ago.  I don't know where
you roast, but I roasted outside all summer without one... No need to
clean it :-)
Grace and Peace,
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5) From: Mike Chester
I put mine in the dishwasher with a load of dishes and they come out fine. 
They may need to be dried a bit more when they come out of the dishwasher, 
but otherwise they are fine.  My filters are older so this may not work if 
the new ones use a different construction.
Mike Chester

6) From: MichaelB
I find that only half the filter gets gunked up so I can usually flip the
filter top to bottom to double the number of roasts on one filter before
discarding. So that gets me about 40 roasts per filter. I roast indoors so
very happy to change regularly and not compromise the filter integrity by
washing. If you roast outdoors or have good exshaust system you may want to
consider building a semi permanent filter you can wash instead of
replace. Seehttp://home.surewest.net/frcn/Coffee/HottopMetalFilter.htmlOn 11/6/07, gwargo1  wrote:

7) From: Robert Joslin
Removing the fiilters from the supporting frame usually ends in trouble for
me, so I've been cleaning them by placing the  entire filter in a shallow
pan of diluted household bleach  and placing a small weight on it to
submerge it.  After a twenty minute soak, rinse well by gently agitating the
filter frame up and down in plain running water, then a twenty minute
submerged soak in tap water.  Place in automatic washer with crosshatched
frame support to the OUTSIDE and run through spin cycle.  Air dry.  Looks
new.  This has worked well for me for over four years.  I usually keep four
filters and process when I have two that need cleaning.  Eventually the
pleated paper will become ragged or the black fabric material will tear and
I toss the whole thing, but I get dozens and dozens of roasts from any
single filter.  Josh
On Nov 6, 2007 3:54 PM, MichaelB  wrote:

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