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Topic: fairly traded sugar (6 msgs / 104 lines)
1) From: susan oppenheim
sugar is another one  of those perfect easy to obtain  little  commodities
that can make that home by home positive difference to the struggling needs
of global impoverished  communities
I only offer fairly traded sugars for sweetening to my clients who buy cups
from me at JavaMama-demarara, brown,dark brown,tanned white,pure white-it's
all a matter of taste to them in the drink.
But what truly satisfied me today was getting a bag to offer  from   Malawi
look for the trans fair logo on the bag
every bag helps

2) From: Lynne
Thanks, Susan - I wasn't aware of this. Will look for that logo...
every little bit helps...
On Nov 7, 2007 11:15 AM, susan oppenheim  wrote:

3) From: James Raven
Why is the mailing system so messed up in Canada? I send coffee and organic=
 grown spices there all the time, mostly to Alberta but it takes several we=
eks from the Seattle area. Just curious & seeking knowledge, if you know. T=
hanks Susan
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4) From: Vicki Smith
There are huge delays at customs post 9/11. I get my SM orders in about 
ten days to 2 weeks. If I am getting something that has to have duty 
calculated it can take much longer. I have my beans shipped USPS.
Times are getting even longer because our dollar is so strong and folks 
are buying like mad over the net and shipping things up.
I think folks are inclined to forget that there really is a border 
between two different countries with a bureaucracy stuck right dab in 
the middle.
James Raven wrote:

5) From: Rich
Customs.  A part of the government keeping you safe from unauthorized 
James Raven wrote:

6) From: James Raven
Oh, is that all it is. It's always been that way then.
Thanks  Rich
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