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1) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
Brian Kamnetz wrote:
I use a Wagner HT3500 HG, not a Master, but as for doing a larger batch 
size ... on 26 October I tried a 2# roast in my HG/BM setup.  It worked, 
but ... I'm not sure I'd try it again; it took quite a while longer than 
a 1# roast to get the beans looking fairly uniform in color.  I may try 
a 1.5# roast one of these days.  I did so much because I wanted to give 
1/2# gifts to some friends that evening and, I'll admit it, I was 
curious if it'd work.  I kept a 1/2# and did thoroughly enjoy it.  
Feedback from my friends was all quite positive too.  My basic notes 
from the roast follow with the referenced "first roast" notes below 
that..  Interesting, now that I look at the two side by side, the mass 
loss was much lower on the larger volume roast.  I wonder if it was 
closer to a City and not a City+?
26 October 2007
Panama Esmeralda Especial - Gesha Cultivar
Roughly 1:18pm, Ambient 60F
Batch 1 - 908g green, 782g roasted (-13.9%), about 21m total
My first attempt at a Two Pound Roast.  Lots of little, fine chaff.  
Unlike my first 1/2# roast of this some months ago, there was definitely 
a tentative build up to the rolling First Crack with the first audible 
crack occurring at about 15m 30s.  Rolling First Crack didn't develop 
until about 17min and lasted until approximately 20m 30s.  Took the heat 
off at around 21m.
Estimate City+
5 August 2007
Panama Esmeralda Especial - Gesha Cultivar
Roughly 7:40pm, Ambient 78F
Batch 1 - 227g green, 190g roasted (-16.3%), about 8m 45s total
More chaff than most. I think this was the fasted roast I've ever had!  
No initial, tentative 1st First Crack, just right into Rolling at 6m 30s 
which ended by 8m 30s.  Took it off to cool right away since according 
to Tom, the target should be City+
Estimate City+

2) From: Justin Marquez
Surely thou art a brave person.  Attempting your first 2# roast with that
truly rare (and expensive) coffee!
"No guts, no glory?, eh?
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On Nov 11, 2007 2:56 PM, Patrick R. Sklenar  wrote:

3) From: Vicki Smith
I'm finding that the sweet spot for Bread Machine roasting in my machine 
is between 3/4 and 1 1/4 pounds of greens. I can roast much more, but it 
takes a hit in terms of the evenness of the roast.
So, if 20 ounces will do you, I say go for it.
I roast 2x a week. The advantage is that I usually have two different 
beans to chose from most days. FWIW, roasting this way lets me time 
things so I can rest beans I like better that way and still always have 
great coffee ready to go.

4) From: Brian Kamnetz
Another possibility is a supplemental heat source, such as the side
burner of a gas grill. Pecan Jim used to roast in a wok set into the
top of a wood stove, with heat provided by both the stove, from below
the wok, and a heat gun, from above. If you are having satisfactory
results with 16 oz, I'm sure that you would have no trouble with an
additional 4 ounces if you could provide a bit of supplemental heat.
On Nov 11, 2007 4:14 PM, Vicki Smith  wrote:

5) From: Rich
Well, without changing the physical setup the addition of another pound 
of greens will put the gun about 3 in from the beans, which might be too 
close.  I will open up the angle a bit to establish 4 to 4 1/2 inch to 
beans. Ethiopian Sidamo DP will be the bean to roast.  Normal distance 
is 5 1/2 inch.  I shoot for FC+ at about 18 min total time.
Patrick R. Sklenar wrote:

6) From: Vicki Smith
Like many people here, I am intrigued with this new machine. Certainly, 
the ability to roast inside has its advantages, for me.
What I have to figure out is if how well a more mechanical way of 
roasting suits my personality. I have to be fairly precise in my work 
life and I enjoy hobbies that allow me to be less so. I believe that 
this is one of the reasons I enjoy bread machine roasting so much.
I haven't made a decision yet.

7) From: Rich
The procrastinate demon gets me every time.  Make last pot of coffee 
with the last of th bans and go roast more.  They get to rest until the 
just made pot is empty.
Vicki Smith wrote:

8) From: Rich
 From the reading I have done I suspect that once you find a profile for 
a given origin bean it will be a matter of load drum push button.
Vicki Smith wrote:

9) From: Vicki Smith
Yes, and that may be the problem for me.
Rich wrote:

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