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Topic: OFFLIST Re: +Grinder question: Mazzer used vs Rancilio new (10 msgs / 182 lines)
1) From: Brett Mason
We don't mind a bit!  But - better get this to whomever you really want to
answer the question...
Until then, the answer is "42"...
On Nov 11, 2007 9:17 PM, Jeff Anderson  wrote:

2) From: Rich
See Help section elating to address.
Brett Mason wrote:

3) From: Brett Mason
I replied OFFLIST - just look at the title on the Subject line....
On Nov 11, 2007 9:25 PM, Rich  wrote:

4) From: Brett Mason
... Well, I should apologize already - I too have replied "offlist" and then
sent the email to the list anyway...  I was just chuckling that it wasn't
As to the question, which is better, if no espresso is involved?  My gut is
it doesn't matter...  They both are good grinders...
On Nov 11, 2007 9:30 PM, Brett Mason  wrote:

5) From: Vicki Smith
I think the Virtuoso should be fine, but that being said, the other 
coffee method that seems to want better grinders seems to be French 
Press, well at least if you want a relatively clean cup. Fines from not 
so great (or at least not so adjustable on the definitely not espresso 
end) grinders sure can interfere with that.
The Virtuoso superseded the Solis brands, and the cheaper ones of those 
never really did do French Press very well.
Brett Mason wrote:

6) From: Rich
With the modern, helpful, user friendly e-mail program getting the mail 
where you really want it can be a challenge.  That is probably the best 
recommendation for the user nasty old style program.  Have you ever been 
at a large corporation when someone managed to send private e-mail to 
the entire corporate mailing list?  I wonder if they ever come out from 
under their desk....
Brett Mason wrote:

7) From: Jeff Anderson
"... Have you ever been at a large corporation when someone managed to 
send private e-mail to the entire corporate mailing list?  I wonder if 
they ever come out from under their desk...."
No, but I've had private email broadcast to the entire Cabinet for Human 
Resources in my state by someone else, without my permission. It was not 
an embarrassing email, and I didn't owe anyone any apologies, but it was 
written with the expectation of privacy.  Bottom line, if you absolutely 
don't ever want an email available for public view, don't send it.
In these days and times, if you really want privacy you might have to 
take a hint from some movie I saw once, (I forget which one), and 
arrange a meeting in the middle of a swimming pool. Oh well...liberty 
for "safety" (is there really any such thing).. A small price to pay?
Rich wrote:

8) From: Michael Wade
I agree with Vicki's point on the Solis/Solis Maestro/Virtuoso class 
grinder.  I use one daily for press, my brew of choice (at least until I 
started experimenting with the aeropress) and to get a clean cup I've had to 
go to a fine grind (what was that word floating around the list for a while? 
Ah, yes, less "Polymodality" in particle size) with a short brew time and 
then pour into the cup thorough paper filter for mud removal.
I've always wondered if a Mazzer or Rocky or? would solve the issue of 
bitterness in brew processes that have longer brew times.  For example, I 
bought a TV and can't get a cup I really like out of it.  Pretty darn good, 
mind you, but just not as clean as I would like.  There's always a little 
edge of bitterness and a muddiness that I can't get rid of.
For now, a fine grind from the Solis and the extremely short brew time of 
the Aeropress is amazingly clean, which makes me suspect that 
over-extraction of the excessive(?) fines in the uneven coarser grinds is my 
problem area.
Michael Wade
From: "Vicki Smith"

9) From: Justin Marquez
Jeff - I have a Solis Maestro Plus, the junior brother to the Virtuoso.  I
use it for Drip, press pot, Aeropress and cowboy pourover coffee.  I find it
completely satisfactory for all those uses.  I just made a wonderful press
pot brew of Ididio Misty Mountain Valley on Saturday afternoon which came
out with no discernible fines in the cup and which was easy to press down as
Others have had issues with the SMP and the Virtuoso for espresso and
turkish style grinding, but I can't comment on those, as I don't brew that
way (yet).
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On Nov 11, 2007 9:17 PM, Jeff Anderson  wrote:

10) From: Vicki Smith
I don't want to seem like a KMB pimp, but I was initially attracted to 
it because I thought it promised to be similar to French Press, but 
without the muddiness. My experience has been that once you get the 
grind dialed in, that is exactly what you get.
I use the cloth filters SM sells for vacuum drip and adjust the grind so 
that the brew is clear. That seems perfect to me. It worked using both 
the Solis Classic and my Rocky.
I would never want to tell someone to pay that much money for a coffee 
pot they haven't tried, so you really should fly up to Red Deer and 
sample some, Michael. ;)
I get a much cleaner French Press from my Rocky than I did from my 
Solis, but remember, I had the low end Solis and that was a known issue 
with that model.
Michael Wade wrote:

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