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Topic: roaster bargains? (7 msgs / 106 lines)
1) From: kevin creason
I've been thinking of the Behmor a lot-- but I haven't decided if I want to
stay electric or go gas.
I'd really like to try cooking with gas (so to speak) some but haven't
convinced myself to spend on hard earned moolah on an RK.
I think I've outgrown the pre-programmed roast profiles of the wonderful
IR2-- I roast outside (SE TX) to keep the house fresher and seasonal changes
mean reprogramming since I can't just adjust the heat once it is going. So I
think gas is the way to go. I just hate to spend $400 on a gas
drum/motor/etc not to mention cooling equipment and it be too much fuss when
a $299 Behmor does it easier, though admittedly a smaller batch.
I've seen those bargain drums on ebay-- but I'm not willing to jump in not
knowing how deep the water is; I never heard a review on those no-name
drums. The RK is known reliable and good, and I'm sure worth every penny.
But my point, what I was really wondering.... anyone going from RK to Behmor
and want to sell their drum? 'cuz is there's a bargain to get me through the
door of gas roasting, then, well, you know-- the rest is history. If you
have one, email me off list ckevinj (at) gmail dot com. If could happen.
*what? no thanks, I don't want any cheese with my whine.*

2) From: John Brown
what are you trying to do out live your money? the idea is to be sure 
both reach the end at the same time.
at least that is my aim.
kevin creason wrote:

3) From: Steve
On Nov 12, 9:37 pm, John Brown  wrote:
Haha, classic response.
Be sure to have good long term health care insurance.  Those end-of-
life costs can be quite high.
In response to OP, I have had similar thoughts in my dreams.  I can't
own a drum because I live in a small apartment.  But I think if I
could, I would still want to own both, just to sate my curiosity about
how different the roasts taste, if any.  Plus, I could see firing up a
grill for a small batch might be sort of a pain, if I could just toss
some in an appliance instead...  RK seems better for someone who gives
their coffee away, or supplies an office, etc.

4) From: Brett Mason
High nothing - they'll kill ya!
On Nov 12, 2007 9:18 PM, Steve  wrote:

5) From: John Brown
with me not to worry.  it will come soon enough.
which makes roasting so much fun.
got my new order today two pounds of Mexican and two pounds of Ethiopian

6) From: Barry Luterman
An old gamblers toast went something like: May  the last check I write 

7) From: John Brown
haven't heard that one before.  but i want all debts paid.  it is 
important to leave no one left owing.  too many times i have been.  let 
my sister do what ever she wants with the unspent portion.
i roasted up all the beans that were not enough to roast by themselves.  
i took them to light Vienna and hand ground them very fine, then hit the 
six tasse Moka pot.  very good with dollop heavy whipping cream  and a 
teaspoon of raw sugar.

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