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Topic: A new Monkey Blend ??? (6 msgs / 123 lines)
1) From: Dave Huddle
I reckon Tom's Monkey blend is better and less expensive too!
YUNLIN, Taiwan (Reuters Life!) - Coffee connoisseurs are going ape for
a rare brew that Taiwanese farmers are producing with the help of
Formosan rock monkeys have long been a scourge to coffee farmers in
Taiwan's mountains because they eat the ripe berries and spit out the
But now, the farmers are collecting these half-chewed seeds and
roasting them to produce a coffee that is being brewed all over the
"The monkeys pick the reddest fruits to eat, and spit out the seeds.
They cannot swallow them because that may cause indigestion," said
Liao Ching-tung, a coffee farmer for 30 years who has recently taken
up roasting the regurgitated seeds.
"For other crops it may cause serious loss, but if they eat coffee in
this area, then it saves me the trouble of peeling the fruits," he
Liao says the discarded seeds yield a sweeter coffee with a
vanilla-like scent, which sells for about $56 a pound (450 grams).
For coffee lovers like Wang Chih-ming, price is no object.
"I like coffee it's got a nice aftertaste, that's really good," said Wang.
Coffee beans excreted by native civet cats in Indonesia and
painstakingly extracted by hand from the animals' forest droppings
reputedly produce the world's rarest and most expensive coffee, which
sells for around $1,000 a kg ($450 a pound)

2) From: gin
Thanks for the post, I simply am LOL all the way to my roaster.
I wonder if I can get my Bichon to poo beans and I can then have Bichon Brew!!
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3) From: Floyd Lozano
At least this is just a chew and spit, not chew and s**t.  I wonder,
maybe, is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY they could train humans to pick the
reddest ripest cherries?  Can you even imagine how good THAT coffee
would be?  Unfathomable!  I guess there's just no beating the monkeys,
birds, and cats of the world when it comes to picking coffee.  Maybe
On Nov 14, 2007 10:48 AM, gin  wrote:

4) From: raymanowen
Just wondering, Gin-
Exactly how would you pronounce "Bichon Brew," that comes from Bichon Beans?
Let's see- ch as in Bach- ch as in Microfische-
Or, ch as in Chew?
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
An English grammar "Gotcha"
On Nov 14, 2007 8:48 AM, gin  wrote:

5) From: Jim Gundlach
Monkeys, and civets pick by smell, don't know about birds.  Humans  
don't have nearly as effective smellers.
    pecan jim
On Nov 14, 2007, at 1:22 PM, Floyd Lozano wrote:

6) From: Mejia, Carlos
Hey... I've got a Golden Doodle as well as a Poodle in my house. The
Doodle will eat anything! The Poodle is a little more discriminating.
Maybe I could offer GoldenDoodle Do Do Brew... and Poodle Do Do Brew!

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