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Topic: Shipping Time? (8 msgs / 148 lines)
1) From: Ken Schillinger
I am on the fence as far as ordering a Behmor. I have a CafeRosto that does 
a good job for me, but I would like to be able to use it indoors and have a 
more consistent roast.
Has anyone form the Seattle area ordered one? What was the shipping time. I 
don't want to order one and not be home when it arrives.
Thanks, Ken.
Sigh; one more hobby growing into a necessity :-)

2) From: Dave Ehrenkranz
I live in the Portland area and it took three days from when I  
ordered mine until it arrived. Once it was actually shipped it only  
took two day which is what SM's web page indicated it should take and  
I believe to Seattle is the same. On the SM site they have a link on  
how long it should take once it is shipped.
Hope this helps.
On Nov 18, 2007, at 10:23 PM, Ken Schillinger wrote:

3) From: Aaron
I ordered one and am across the country, it claimed 7 days to ship.   
This wednesday should be the holy grail day for me, but with the weekend 
inbetween and thanksgiving coming up id not be suprised if it took a bit 
longer.   Then again, I went the cheap route on shipping too.

4) From: Ken Schillinger
Thanks for the feedback on shipping time.
If I decide to order, I'll wait till I get back home after the holiday.

5) From: Linda Reese
Hi Ken, also remember that UPS only delivers Monday-Friday, so if your order 
ships on a Thursday (perhaps even Wed.) two more days get added to the 
estimated delivery time. For beans, I generally use the USPS flat rate 
option - less expensive, faster and so far, more reliable than UPS, 
especially around the holidays. However, like Aaron, I went the cheaper 
route with the Behmor and am also hoping to get mine delivered this Wed. 
Take care, Linda

6) From: Doug Grove
Hi Ken,
I'm in Seattle and can verify the two days.  Ordered tuesday, arrived
My caffe rosto wasn't getting it done for me (have old wiring in
house) so I "had"
to get a behmor  :)
On Nov 18, 2007 10:23 PM, Ken Schillinger  wrote:

7) From: raymanowen
"...I'll wait till I get back home after the holiday."
With the avalanche of popularity, and That time of year fast approaching...
Smart Money says, "Order it now, and include a note in the shipping
instructions." -ro
On Nov 19, 2007 4:35 AM, Ken Schillinger  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

8) From: Ken Schillinger
Good idea! I just ordered and noted that it shouldn't ship before the 23rd.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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