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Topic: coffee outing get together-AZ (7 msgs / 94 lines)
1) From: Frank Awbrey
I was wondering if Gin, McSparky, John, Joanne and others from Az ever got
together for their little coffee outing that was being discussed here a
month or two ago? There was some discussion about it, then I never read
another word about it, so don't know if it happened or not? I had planned on
chiming in and going, but it just kind of went away (as far as I know).
"Still the one"

2) From: gin
"Still the One"
love it,
yes I am always ready, where is everyone, there is a place on homeroasters for user groups we can all plan it over there if you want. If not, Let me know when anyone would like to get together.
I am in Scottsdale and would be happy to host a coffee gathering here.
email at:
about this or it may get lost
---- Frank Awbrey  wrote: 

3) From: John Brown
Joanne and i got together  then i had family health problems in Kansas.  
just returned a week  or so ago
Frank Awbrey wrote:

4) From: Brett Mason
Is everybody now well?
On 11/20/07, John Brown  wrote:

5) From: John Brown
it was a botched Gallbladder operation.  they nicked something and he is 
still leaking a liter of fluid a day. two months after the procedure.   
but he is on Medicare so they sent him home to die.  his care taker is 
trying to get  him to Kansas State Medical Center.
Brett Mason wrote:

6) From: Brett Mason
Your family is on my prayer list...  Hang in there...  Gallbladder surgery
runs in my family - hope to not meet St. Nick....
On Nov 21, 2007 12:00 AM, John Brown  wrote:

7) From: John Brown
Thank You
Brett Mason wrote:

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