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Topic: Vivaldi II installation question (5 msgs / 104 lines)
1) From: Scott Petersen
I got my beautiful new La Spazial Vivaldi II on Monday and haven't been 
able to use it yet. I can't for the life if me find the right plumbing 
adapter for the supplied water line. It is none of the standard sizes.
I will spare you the description of the hours and hours spent cruising 
many different hardware stores and trying different combinations all to 
no avail.
Does anyone know what size the water line is? At least if I knew the 
size I could start calling the plumbing wholesalers and be able to ask 
the right questions.
Thanks much
Scott Petersen

2) From: raymanowen
Try looking online at pictures of different plumbing or hydraulic fittings
for the description. Ask the people that supplied it exactly what the
fitting is.
If hardware stores couldn't help, it isn't a pipe thread. Never allow anyone
to wrap a bunch of Teflon tape around any threads and try to assemble a
connection that way. Can you take a close-up shot in good focus to an
hydraulic supplier or refrigeration shop?
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Got grinder?
On Nov 20, 2007 11:38 PM, Scott Petersen  wrote:

3) From: Cameron Forde
Hi Scott,
Have you checked out the S1 site?  Lots of good information for the S1
and S2. See  www.rimpo.org/s1/
On Nov 20, 2007 11:00 PM,   wrote:

4) From: raymanowen
The hose ref. in the manual could be taken to the myriad plumbing shops. One
end fits the machine and the other fits the supply.
Do you have conditioned water, or is your tap water soft enough? That seems
to be important
"3.2 Initial Installation Before Connecting Power
After removing the S1 from its packing carton and setting it on the counter,
check for additional installation instructions that may be included.
Tip the S1 on its side. Twist all four rubber feet (3) hand tight as they
may vibrate loose during shipping. While performing that task, use a
screwdriver to ensure that the four screws on the bottom (two on each side
between the rubber feet) which fasten the two side panels (5) to the chassis
bottom are tight. These steps will help ensure the quietest possible
operation of your S1.
Be sure you connect the included water hose to the threaded water inlet on
the bottom of the machine. Proper connection is obvious since there is only
one place it can attach. The opposite end of the hose - which connects to
the water supply - may require adapters from your local hardware store
depending on your specific situation."
Page 3
On Nov 21, 2007 12:18 AM, Cameron Forde  wrote:

5) From: Greg Scace
It's British parallel pipe thread, also designated BSPP.  You can 
find adapters at McMaster Carr, or.....  you can cheat.  The thread 
pitch (threads per inch) of BSPP and the normal national pipe thread 
(NPT) are close enough that you can connect a brass NPT fitting into 
the bottom of the espresso machine.  Use lots of Teflon tape and 
it'll work ok.
Also, dunno where you got your Spaz, and I dunno if SM sold it to 
you, but if you bought it from the online retailer in Albany NY, 
whose initials are CC, then they are pretty good at sorting their 
customers out with plumbing stuff quite quickly.  I'd call them 
straight away.
Recap.  I'd first call the retailer, second, I'd try to get the part 
from McMaster Carr, and failing that I'd cheat with NPT.
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