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Topic: OT: was Database/ MAC, now Penguinistas? (23 msgs / 424 lines)
1) From: Michael Rasmussen
I find it hard to believe I'm the only Penguinista on this list.
   Michael Rasmussen, Portland, Ore, USA
  Be Appropriate && Follow Your Curiosity

2) From: Marty Wooten
I doubt that I qualify as a full fledged Penguinista (if I understand truly what it is), but do use Linux on my home machines... I am dabbling with Debian 4.0 and just downloaded ISO's of Fedora and Sabayon to check them out. 
I do have a box set up to run DJ's fantastic database though and a few applications I need when I work at home.
and to make it coffee related ... drinking a nice FC+ San Marcos drum roasted (RK not Behmor) telling my self that with such a great roaster I really do not need another roaster, I really do not need another roaster, I really do not need another roaster, but it could be useful, it could have its place... and the torment continues.
I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.
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From: Michael Rasmussen 
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Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 1:42:57 PM
Subject: +OT: was Database/ MAC, now Penguinistas?
I find it hard to believe I'm the only Penguinista on this list.
  Michael Rasmussen, Portland, Ore, USA
  Be Appropriate && Follow Your Curiosity

3) From: Matt Henkel
Long live Daemon!
Michael Rasmussen wrote:

4) From: gin
your not Micheal:
I am using an Aurora Afrika at the moment.
---- Michael Rasmussen  wrote: 

5) From: Allon Stern
On Nov 21, 2007, at 1:42 PM, Michael Rasmussen wrote:
I use my Mac to edit source on a network volume mounted from my linux  
development machine; target is emebedded linux. And I grudgingly use  
VMware to run windows for the FPGA tools.
obligatory 0xC0FFEE reference: we're having a warm spell, and I  
roasted a batch of yemen sana'ani on the front porch...mistimed it  
(okay, got distracted) and it might be a wee bit dark, but still  
potable. Well short of 3rd crack, thank goodness. Seems like it  
roasted faster than inside using the forced ventilation (iRoast2).
Just remember, 0xDECAFBAD

6) From: Jack Rogers
I guess I qualify.  I have a Linux webserver at home (not even running X, just text), and somehow
my work-issued laptop somehow ended up with an ext3 partition and Linux, too.  Linux is not very
happy with its Broadcom43xx wireless controller, but it works okay.
On Wed, November 21, 2007 12:42 pm, Michael Rasmussen wrote:

7) From: Allon Stern
On Nov 21, 2007, at 2:59 PM, Jack Rogers wrote:
Heh. A fellow cow-orker and I both quit one job to start at another,  
working in a small remote office to a company on the other side of  
the country. In the first month, we flew out there to pick up our  
corporate laptops, which the IT department had set up and configured  
with windows for us, made sure email worked, everything. An hour  
after the IT guy dropped them off, he came by to see how we were  
doing...he nudged the touchpad to wake up the screen and was hit with  
the Linux login banner. Oh the look he gave us....then he sneered and  
said "DEFILER!" before walked out.
Okay, it was tongue in cheek; he's really a nice guy, and we  
eventually got him to get us macs. Of course he got one for himself,  
"so he could support us". Yeah, right.
OBCoffee: the office coffee is truly dreadful. I've started roasting  
coffee for my cow-orker and myself (since our company got bought by a  
local firm, we moved to share an office on the 5th floor of a 10  
story building, but our boss is still on the other coast)

8) From: Barry Dryden
Other Penguinistas,
I'm running Linux too,  Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon" here, dual boot
with Vista (rarely use it except for MS Access).   Have & occasionally
use openSUSE 10.3 on my other drive.  Drank 50% FC Nicaragua Placeras
Estate "Miel" & 50% City+  Yemen Mokha Sana'ani this morning.  For
Thanksgiving, we will be serving ristrettos of  50% Ethiopia Kochere
District Yirgacheffe, 25% Costa Rica Naranjo Caracol Peaberry and 25%
Aged Sumatra Mandheling - '04 Crop.
Happy Thanksgiving to SM for all the wonderful greens, equipment,
folks, advice and all homeroasters.  I'm using the IR2 and
occasionally debating the Behmor, maybe for Christmas, quien sabe?
Barry Dryden

9) From: Bob Brashear
Michael Rasmussen wrote:
Currently running Ubuntu 7.10. Have used Linux since 1993 (pre 1.0 
kernal). Drinking an Ethiopian Harar Trabocca Oromia roasted to C+ on a 
Hottop, newly repaired.

10) From: Rich
You are not alone.  Keep it quiet so we don't ruin a good thing...
Michael Rasmussen wrote:

11) From: Jack Rogers
Micheal, this conversation got me curious.  I browsed patch.com and ran into FUT.  I'll have to
take a look at that one when I have a little time.  I'm currently running SSH on an obscure port
to avoid the script kiddies who might on the off-chance brute-force their way in.  I'd rather get
back on 22, and FUT may be helpful.  I noticed you're also running Gallery 2.x, a great rebuttal
to the old adage "You get what you pay for".  Free software is so much fun!
On Wed, November 21, 2007 12:42 pm, Michael Rasmussen wrote:

12) From: Dave
I keep wanting to use Linux, but I've been using and learning
DOS-windows since 1986 or thereabouts. Every time I try to do
something in Linux, I have to learn how. I guess I just haven't found
it to worth working my way up the learning curve. I have the most
recent Mandriva on my other slide in hard drive.
Some days...
It's just not worth chewing through the leather straps
n Wed, November 21, 2007 12:42 pm, Michael Rasmussen wrote:

13) From: Robert Gulley
I've been messing with Linux and SUSE since about version 5; haven't 
played much with other versions of Linux however. Also use VMWare to 
run xp under Linux - works as well or better than my actual xp machine.
Robert RG
At 03:20 PM 11/21/2007, you wrote:
"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons."  ~T.S. Eliot  

14) From: kevin creason
I've run Linux in some fashion since '97. That was Redhat (one of the first
commercial releases). Quickly hated it and went SuSE. I even sneaking it in
a backdoor project and then mgmt goes, "wow, you did that?". That old box
would still be running if they hadn't gone out of business later. They spent
too much on HP, SAP, and Oracle.
Now I've got an Ubuntu Myth box that also runs my web server. I would love
to have a php app for my coffee database to keep track of my beans and
profiles.... Don't see having the time to make it though.
I also have a maemo handheld (the n770, the first edition). It's fun, and
saves me some power and time to check my email.
And my business laptop (second hand) has a Vector linux partition.
At my church I have a Fedora proxy/content filter to keep their workstations
clean of crap, prevent pop-ups at a global level.
But my 40+ hrs a week I mostly support Solaris 10. It's great for business
stuff. Not so good for Myth and video, home hacking stuff. I tried. Too much
work. Same with porting from Solaris to Linux-- too much work, too much
developer $$.
But back to coffee-- I'm looking forward to both kinds of drums. Country and
western. I mean, electric and gas- I can see they would both have their
place. Someday, and then pass on the iRoar to someone I like (or hate :).

15) From: Rick Copple
Michael I wrote:
Don't know if I qualify, but I do have an Ubuntu live disk, and have 
been planning on installing it on one computer at some point. Just 
haven't had the time to mess with it.
A few years ago, I bought a cheap computer and installed Debian on it 
(don't recall the version). Went fine until I tried to get X to work. 
Wouldn't play nice with the monitor, then somehow I locked it into a 
never ending loop that it would fly into even upon reboot. I would have 
had to reinstall the whole thing, apparently, and never got back to it.
But, since I use QkBks a lot, being a guru of such, and it is pretty 
much a Windows program (they have an Apple version, but they didn't put 
it out for a long time and I don't have money for an Apple) and I'm very 
comfortable with Windows and have had few problems with them, especially 
XP, its hard to build up the motivation to go to all the work and time 
to use it.
But I have the disk and plan to install it on one computer in the near 
future at least. :)
Rick Copple

16) From: Jim Wheeler
My wife and I tried UNIX quite a number of years back and experiment
with the Linux versions now and then.  Plan to run Ubuntu on an old HP
Vectra that is sitting unused to see what happens.  This may be the
time that it works out.
Not certain that counts as being amongst the Penguin set and certainly
not amongst the true believers.  But then, we do not "believe" in
operating systems the way many folks do.
Jim in Skull Valley

17) From: Allon Stern
On Nov 21, 2007, at 8:15 PM, "kevin creason"  wrote:
On come on! Don't ditch the iRoast- integrate it! A little glue logic,  
A/D, and a relay and you could make an integrated Linux database /  
roaster! Just select the bean from inventory, enter the weight, select  
roast style, and click the roast button. The amount roasted is  
deducted from inventory, the roast profile is selected based on the  
selected roast style and variety of bean, and an entry is created in  
the roast log; you could even create a recipient list if roasting for  
someone else, and they could send feedback on that particular batch  
via web page or email robot.

18) From: Allon Stern
On Nov 21, 2007, at 9:53 PM, Allon Stern  wrote:
On yeah, forgot the audio transducer and DSP for noise reduction and  
crack detection :-)

19) From: Jack M. Rogers
kevin creason wrote:
That thought crossed my mind as well.  A community roast log...PHP/MySQL 
on Linux.  We could collect all kinds of data, and allow users to see 
what kind of results others have had at various roast levels, etc.
My job is managing a team that supports Solaris 8 systems, but now we 
have RHEL everywhere, too.  We have not yet migrated to Solaris 10, but 
it's coming soon.

20) From: Thomas Pfau
I'm a die-hard penguinista (since Nov '92) but mostly lurk on the list. 
Just now catching up on a week's worth of posts....
Michael Rasmussen wrote:

21) From: stereoplegic
yes and no. currently have a multiple-boot setup of Windows XP (one for 
music production, one for graphics, one for email/web/multimedia) and 
openSUSE 10.2 with Jacklab (audio, video, and graphics packages) and a 
docked/nested Dyne:bolic 2.5.1, but when rebooting after trying to get 
my Windows audio apps to work in Dyne with Wine, neither my GRUB nor 
Windows bootloaders would work. had to install Windows to another old 
harddrive just to boot my existing setups (and now have to wade through 
over 1000 accumulated emails from this list). any other Penguinistas 
encountered a problem like this? i know it has nothing to do w/ GRUB 
taking over the MBR, because it loads the (separate) Windows drive via 
chainloader and worked fine until i tried Wine in Dyne:bolic.
anywho, glad to be back in my coffeehouse...
Jack Rogers wrote:

22) From: Sean Cary
not the answer to your question - but why not use VM?  If I was
running that many different startup configs, I would load linux and
install VM...GSX is free now.
Not sure if it would play happily with your
peripherals/tools/toys...maybe I answered my own question.
On Nov 28, 2007 7:52 AM, stereoplegic  wrote:

23) From: Tom Ulmer
Back when I was more interested in thwarting technology, I found it was much
simpler and cleaner to keep separate hard drives in an old cabinet and plug
in the fancied drive to boot from.
On a divergent thought, my daughter insisted that we lunch at Brasil my last
trip to Houston. I was quite pleased to find an acceptable double espresso
as well as a thriving bohemian spirit.

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