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Topic: It's finally here (5 msgs / 73 lines)
1) From: Aaron
My Behmor finally arrived today.  AFter waiting a week, it's finally here.
Screw the turkey, thanksgiving is over rated anyways, Im roasting coffee 

2) From: Rich
Why wait?
Aaron wrote:

3) From: Aaron Scholten
Rich wrote:
  Oh trust me Im not, just that I will be doing a whole lot more 
roasting tomorrow.  I have to go back into work a bit later tonight, 
which is probably a good thing or id probably be up to 3 am roasting.   
I already have several friends / relatives im gonna send coffee to so 
ill have plenty of avenues to use the beans.

4) From: gin
oh, do it NOW!!
---- Aaron  wrote: 

5) From: Bill Zambon
Mine came today as well, Aaron. After firing it up empty to break in the
machine, I roasted two of those pound sample packs they sent with the
I have to say that even though I like my coffee dark and was a bit
apprehensive about being able to roast dark beans, I have no apprehensions
One pound batches- the first a Sumatran, the second, a Nicaraguan. set at
1#, and P1.. I even dialed in the max of 2  1/2 extra minutes.
By the time roast was entering its last minute (with display light
flashing), it was into second crack and starting to roll when I punched in
"cool" with 30 seconds left on the clock.
Note... I was roasting a full pound.
Ended up somewhere between Full City+ and French.
William R. Zambon
Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church
(734) 676-8811  church
(734) 272-7062  cell

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