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1) From: Scott Petersen
Greg Scace wrote:
Thanks much for your reply. Between that and a call to the company in
Albany, I was able to sort out the connection. I ended up using a 1/4
NPT plastic quick connect with a little teflon tape to connect to the
BSPP thread. The plastic was able to move that little bit to adjust to
the different thread. From there I used a short bit of 3/8 Copper to go
to a second adapter with 3/8 compression to 1/2 NPT and there to a third
adapter of 1/2 NPT to the standard 3/4 hose fitting.
I pulled my first shots with some decaf (African Highlands WP Decaf)
that was getting a little long in the tooth (3.5 weeks since roasting).
I had thought that I didn't like this coffee when I pulled shots on my
old machine and brewing it. Man! Pulling shots at 93 deg Celsius on the
new machine really brought out the best of this coffee. I think I am
going to have to get some more if it is still available.
Then I pulled a few more shots with the 2006 Idido Misty Valley and
didn't have so much luck. I was playing with the grinder and ended up
grinding too much coffee at considerably too coarse a grind. The shots
were 2 ounces in about 16 seconds.
I tried steaming some milk as well and I can't believe how fast this
machine steams. What would take me 1.5-2 minutes to steam on my old
machine is at 150 def F. in about 15 seconds. I have a LOT! to learn.
Scott Petersen

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Great to hear you're up and pulling. Very very nice home machine. Funny how
steam power is somewhat relative. Once upon a time my Bricoletta's steam
seemed powerful, even a bit tough to control at first after Miss Silvia.
(Bric' similar power to the VII) Now the Bric' seems almost anemic after
working with the 12.5 liter steam power of the 3grp Linea for a few weeks! 
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3) From: Michael I
I'd actually been somewhat frustrated by the steam power of the VII.  If
you're trying to make a single cappuccino, it steams 4-5 oz of milk in only
a few seconds, and stretching it up to 100 degrees F is too quick to do it
properly, so it's hit-or-miss to get quality microfoam.  Either that, or you
have to steam more milk than you actually need to slow it down a bit.
I recently got the "other" steam tip from our friend in Albany, and the
smaller holes on it make the process much more controllable.  It's still
better to steam 8 oz. at a time, but now I feel I can get a better result
with just 4.
Of course, it's something else to buy, but it's a pretty cheap upgrade that
makes a difference.  And since you already have the timer, there's really
not that much else that you can upgrade (apart from some nice Illy art
espresso cups to put on top).
Good luck, but it sounds like you're already starting to dial it in.  

4) From: Robert Avery
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I have the Vivaldi last generation. I really like it. You have to learn =
this machine just like any other. Mine performs flawlessly and am very =
with the process. I also upgraded to the 4 hole tip some time ago and =
think that does help in the foaming process. Here is a site if you =
haven't already visited it that will really help you be a master of that =
machine. =http://www.rimpo.org/s1v2/faqs.htm, =
also a forum on this page as well. 
Let me tell you I crank out several cups a day and it just keeps getting =
better. There are a lot of good machines out there, and you are driving =
one of them. One thing you really need to do is to talk to Chris were =
you purchased it and get a softener setup for it. It's not expensive in =
the scheme of things and will save worrying about maintenance on your =
machine and the coffee will taste so much better. They added a few nice =
features on the new machine compared to mine, dual pressure indicators =
and such. Let us know how you make out.

5) From: Greg Scace
Cool!!  The Spaz is a pretty good steamer since the steam boiler 
pressure is jacked up pretty high.
FWIW, the Spaz group is pretty well coupled to the brew boiler, so 
the intermittent (first shot) temperature is pretty close to the 
continuous duty brew temperature.  It likes about 3 ounces of group 
flush from idling to heat up the dispersion block and shower 
screen.  My personal practice is to program the single cup button for 
the group heating / shower clearing flush, then program the double 
cup button to provide a huge amount of water - something like 6 
ounces.  Of course you're never gonna use that much volume when 
brewing, so you'll stop the extraction at the correct time by 
depressing the double cup button at the end of the brew cycle.  You 
get the convenience of pre-programmed group flushing / screen 
clearing with the ability to run the machine as a semi-auto during brewing.
The Vivaldi, like all double boiler machines, has some offset in 
temperature between the boiler and the group.  It's around 6 or 7 
degrees F and it's constant for all duty cycles.  With the Vivaldi 1 
you had to account for this when programming the temperature from the 
keypad.  I think Chris had La Spaz pre-program the offset into the 
Vivaldi 2 so that what you set on the keypad is the temperature that 
comes out the shower screen.  It might be worth calling him to confirm that.
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