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Topic: El Salvador Peaberry "Aida's Grand Reserve" (7 msgs / 104 lines)
1) From: Edward Bourgeois
Want to roast some in a few weeks. Tom lists a wide range C+ - FC+
with the usual differences at either end. And a preference to the
lighter side. If the darker notes are real clean, it might make a good
coffee to serve during the holidays. Especially for the many who are
used to darker roasts but have probably never experienced one that can
really shine at FC+
Any roasting experiences with this bean yet? Ed

2) From: Les
First off, I wouldn't share such a special bean with anyone who isn't
a coffee snob.  I ususally serve a nice Columbian that is less than
$6.00 a pound.  Guests can  identify with a good Columbian, and you
will Wow them with it anyway.
On 11/24/07, Edward Bourgeois  wrote:

3) From: Les
It is time to talk about coffee again.   Tom said about the Aida's Grand
Reserve,  "So I'll just cave in completely: here we have the rarest, most
exotic, and most excellent coffee since man put coffee bean to fire and
soaked in water!"  Les the coffee snob says, "Wow this is awesome coffee!"
The Isle of St. Helena has now been pushed to number 2 on my list of best
coffees.  Since Isle of St. Helena costs $55.00 a pound (87.50 for
peaberry), this is a steal!  When I served Becky her morning cup of coffee,
she said, "YUM YUM, what kind of coffee are we having this morning!  This
has a nice chocolate flavor."  This coffee is so complex and
smooooooooooooth.  This is sipping coffee!  Every taste bud is doing a
dance.  The best part to me is a wonderful plum-chocolate-caramel aftertaste
that has staying power that just extends the enjoyment of this coffee.  This
is one of the most balanced cups of coffee I have experienced.  The hot
coffee fills your senses with a full flavor experience followed by a cascade
of flavors beginning with a plum flavor followed by raisin ending with a
wonderful semi-sweet chocolate at the end of the sip.  I roasted this to a
nice City plus.  Believe me you don't want to let this one get away!  For
you newbies, this is a coffee to put in the stash for a few months until you
trust your roasting skills, and then be awed by something beyond special.
Thanks for bringing us this wonderful coffee Tom.  You need look no further
for the "best of the best."

4) From: Eddie Dove
Gee, thanks Les!
I was enjoying my first ever cup of Panama Esmeralda Especial -
GeshaCultivar and thought it was amazing ... then I read this!
Since I am making up an order, I'll have to add this too.  Thanks for the
write up, Les.
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On Nov 30, 2007 11:27 AM, Les < les.albjerg> wrote:
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/

5) From: Sean Cary
great - couldn't have told me a week ago when I ordered my 12lb return
home order...
68 to go...and man it is getting COLD here for my Florida blood.
On Nov 30, 2007 9:15 PM, Eddie Dove  wrote:

6) From: Kris McN
Awesome, I have a pound arriving today!  Can you give us the details on how
you roasted it, Les?
Kris McN

7) From: Elliott H. O'Reilly
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My last shipment just arrived the other day from Sweet Maria's including the
El Salvador.  After reading Les' review I'm glad I decided the price wasn't
too high.  I'll be roasting some tomorrow for sure.  My wife's gone for the
weekend and I need that something special to make me feel all warm inside!

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