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1) From: Michael Wade
The Maestro does have new burrs (haven't tried the Virtuoso(?) burrs as 
suggested by RayO), and the coffee is pretty clean from a press, although I 
brew it with a fine grind and post-filter through Melitta 2-cup filters. 
The relatively fine grind and 3 minute brew cycle do a pretty good job of 
minimizing overextration bitterness, but the 40 second brew cycle of the 
Aeropress produces truly outstanding cup clarity.
I didn't get concerned with any of this until I bought a Technivorm, and was 
not happy at all with the coffee I was able to brew with it.  The brew cycle 
is significantly longer than I use with a press, and the overextraction 
bitterness becomes significantly objectionable (read: "nasty").  Since then 
I've bought a KMB and had the same problem.  Haven't given up though...
I'm researching grinders now.  I find that almost all of the information, 
testing and opinion on grinders relates to espresso, that there is a very 
limited amount of information on grind uniformity in the drip range.  I've 
been told that the conical burr MACAP machines are among the best for this, 
but I would need some serious corroboration before shelling out a Grand for 
a grinder.
The beautiful thing about this hobby/obsession is that even the research is 
fun.  Sort of like an Easter egg hunt, only better.

2) From: Vicki Smith
I had a Maestro Classic until I got my Rocky. I was able to get very 
good coffee using the KMB with a setting that was three to the left of 
the portafilter picture, Michael.
I was getting bitter brew any finer than that.
Of course, the settings may not be the same from grinder to grinder, but 
it doesn't hurt to try it and see.
Michael Wade wrote:

3) From: Justin Marquez
If you think the brew is overextracted, try ginding a little coarser. You
may need to adjust the grounds-to-water ratio for a little more coffee input
if you go coarser.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On Dec 6, 2007 10:50 AM, Michael Wade  wrote:

4) From: Tim Harvey
Does your grinder produce fines? When I switch from espresso to brewed, my Rocky spits about a teaspoon of espresso grind in with the coarse.  It's enough to almost plug my paper filter. I now pitch that first tablespoon or so.  Could be part of your issue if you are doing like me, or perhaps your grinder is just producing fines with your coarse.
---- Justin Marquez  wrote: 

5) From: Michael Wade
Hi, Vicki!
There must be a lot of variation between the machines; on my very first brew 
with "our" new KMB I tried grinding at the portafilter symbol and it stalled 
the brew completely.  I backed off the grind until I could get a reasonable 
brew time and drinkable coffee but there was still a lot of bitterness in 
the background of the cup.
So, since I'm getting bitterness with longer brew times, and cleaner cups 
the shorter the brew times, even with the overall grind adjusted for the 
individual brew method, my working hypothesis is too much "dust" in the 
grind.  I'm getting access to a set of screens to separate the grind by 
sizes and brew from the uniform samples to see if that supports my theory.
I also have a contact who owns one of the MACAP conical burr machines that 
supposedly deliver especially uniform grind particle distribution, plan to 
give him a call and ask about his experience with it.
In the meantime I'm enjoying my coffee more than ever before using the AP, 
and I've got these great brew machines to play with when I figure this out!
Thanks again,

6) From: Michael Wade
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Justin, thanks for the reply
It's not that the entire brew is overextracted, there's just a bitter =
edge to it.
I have adjusted the overall grind size, I think the problem is that the =
grind is not very uniform in size, and the smallest particles =
overextract before the brew is done in a longer brew cycle like drip or =
KMB.  I'm going to be separating the grounds into uniform sizes with =
screens to test the theory.
This has been around on the list before but I only have a copy of a few =
messages on the subject, so I'm going to repeat the testing for myself.  =
Probably not nearly as sophisticated as the tests done before me, but =
hopefully enough to prove or disprove my theory for myself.

7) From: Michael Wade
"perhaps your grinder is just producing fines with your coarse."
That's my thought..  I'll try separating the gind with different sized 
screens to test the theory.  Then if I'm right, the search for the perfect 
grinder is on.
That ought to be good for some fiery threads....

8) From: RK
Rocky spits about a teaspoon of espresso grind in with the coarse.  It's
enough to almost plug my paper filter. I now pitch that first tablespoon or
so.  Could be part of your issue if you are doing like me, or perhaps your
grinder is just producing fines with your coarse.
Tim I usually tap the bean hopper at the end then shut the grinder off and
wait until it stops spinning and I use a small brush to sweep the grounds
out of the chute, then I turn the grinder back on for a sec. or two and it
will blow a small amount of grinds out I then repeat the process of stopping
and brushing out the chute.
I do this on both my grinders a Rocky, and a Mazzer Mini.
Both my grinders will blast a small amount out that is left in the burrs as
it stops spinning.

9) From: Tim Harvey
Good tip, saves using beans to force out the stragglers.
---- RK  wrote: 

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