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Topic: OT: Book just published (5 msgs / 91 lines)
1) From: Rick Copple
With the permission of the powers that be, I figured some of you here 
might be interested in a new fantasy novella that I had recently 
published. My first "in print" book, published by "Double-Edged 
Publishing, Inc."
The title is: Infinite Realities
And if you're interested in checking into it more and the link to 
Amazon, you can visit my website for more info: 
Also, to avoid excess OT messages on the list, probably best to send 
responses to this off-list.
Unfortunately, the story doesn't have any coffee in it (but the novel 
sequel I've written does ;) ) But, I'm excited, naturally, and am glad 
Tom and Maria allowed me to share that bit of joy. Thanks.
Rick Copplehttp://www.rlcopple.com/

2) From: Jason Brooks
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Rick Copple wrote:
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Jason Brooks
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3) From: Robert Gulley
At 04:13 PM 12/7/2007, you wrote:
"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons."  ~T.S. Eliot  

4) From: gin
Way cool, thank you so much for letting us know. I will check it out right away and send you a review!!
warmest regards,
---- Rick Copple  wrote: 

5) From: Treshell
I did just check out the web site,, VERY nice.  I sent my grandchildren ages
15 to 21 the site with the info on your template.  I loved it.  May use it
Now is there a way to buy this new book of yours with it being signed?
I do so love a good sifi

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