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Topic: 2nd crack question (5 msgs / 84 lines)
1) From: Bernard Gerrard
Do some coffees not produce the audible 2nd crack?  I did a half pound 
of Australian Mountain yesterday and either my hearing suddenly worsened 
or there was no discernible 2nd crack.  This was using the Behmor.  
Fortunately smell and sight let me stop it before a Char event.  It is 
still resting so no comment on the taste.  At that price I do  not want 
to ruin the second half pound.  Bernard C. Gerrard

2) From: Jim Gundlach
I am a mere five days short of 65 and have diminished hearing but I  
find the second crack volume the be quite variable.  I can't hear it  
in twenty percent or so of my roasts.
      pecan jim
On Dec 10, 2007, at 5:04 PM, Bernard Gerrard wrote:

3) From: RK
2nd crack is a softer crack then first but always auditable (as it is the
fracturing of the cellular structure of the bean whereas 1st crack is the
escaping of moisture, when the internal pressure of the moisture reaching
the boiling point,builds up and sorta explodes out of the bean.
Some beans like peaberry's have little or no auditable first crack but I
have never had a bean the didn't sound off when it reached 2nd crack.

4) From: kevin creason
My lovely wife of 17 years (in a few weeks) got me a beeeemore for our
anniversary, and I can now saw that without the sound of an iRoar, popper,
or aromaroast whirring, there is a definite sound difference between the two
cracks. (She gets a cinnamon red professional mixer (her choice) but won't
let me put the flame decals on it).
In my opinion:
The first crack *seems* like a longer & softer edged crack though it is
louder-- the actual crack sound is less defined, like a word rolled off a
tongue versus a barked command. Perhaps it is more muted by the bean mass.
The second crack is a very quick crack and so has a sharper definition to it
even if it is actually quieter, but the difference in the sound make it seem
louder to my ears.
Sometimes. YMMV. IAOW. Or maybe my memory of last night is playing
backwards-- I did two roasts back to back.
Do you think the Behmor gets too hot for flame decals? Would that be a bad
omen to put on my roaster? I have already had some chaff burning in a 1lb
roast and I haven't been roasting with it that long.
On Dec 11, 2007 7:17 AM, RK  wrote:

5) From: Bill Hill
no, flame decals would be sweet.  think old-school roaster, where you
would use real flames!!!  heating elements are just the latest
incarnation.  Now, as to whether they would stay on...I have no idea.
But I think it would be cool, IMHO.
On 12/11/07, kevin creason  wrote:

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