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Topic: Nissan Problems (6 msgs / 116 lines)
1) From: Aaron Scholten
Hello everyone:
I have an issue with my Nissan Travel Mug.  It's the one that is spill 
proof with the twist on cap and the handle on it.   First off I 
absolutely LOVE this thing.  It keeps coffee hot hot HOT all day and is 
great for the tool pouch or whatever when you need to carry a drink and 
have it possibly be put into any position imaginable during transport.
My problem is, the mug seems to have lost it's vaccuum or something 
somehow as when I pour hot coffee into it now,within a few minutes the 
outside is very warm to the touch and it doesn't keep the coffee warm 
more than an hour or so at most.  It's still airtight when the lid is 
sealed but no longer is a 'thermos'.....  any ideas how i might be able 
to fix or do something with this.
I am not sure if they have a warranty on them or not.  I was going to 
put it into one of my vaccuum sealer jugs and turn on the vac pump to 
see if I could siphon out the air that got into it, and possibly reseal 
it but unfortunately the cup is just a tiny bit too big to fit into my 
biggest vaccuum jug so no go with that idea....
has anyone else had any similar problems with theirs?

2) From: Eddie Dove
I have never experience that, but they do have a warranty ... from their si=
Limited Warranty
Thermos warrants this Thermos brand product to be free from any
defects in material or workmanship five years from date of purchase.
We will, at our option, repair or replace any product component part
that fails to conform to this warranty within 30 days after its
receipt by our factory service department. IN NO EVENT WILL THERMOS BE
or provinces do not allow the exclusion of incidental, consequential
or special damages, so the preceding exclusion may not apply to you.
This is a factory guarantee. Do not return this product to the
retailer. Send defective product directly to:
    Thermos L.L.C.  Warranty Service
    355 Thermos Road
    Batesville, MS 38606
    1 800 831 9242
    Canadian Thermos Products Inc.  Warranty Service
    370 King Street West, Box 11
    Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J9
    1 800 669 7065
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have
other rights which vary from state to state or province to province.
On Dec 11, 2007 7:14 PM, Aaron Scholten  wrote:
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3) From: an iconoclast
On Dec 11, 2007 5:14 PM, Aaron Scholten  wrote:
one somewhere.  Good thing I have a spare in the closet. I love three of
Isn't the stainless steel just a big heatsink?  I'm not sure how it could
lose that property.  I'm assuming you are preheating your mug with very hot
water before pouring in the coffee.  Is the mug exposed to colder
temperatures than it has been in the past?  If Nissan does have an
explanation for this, please keep us posted.  I NEED my leak proof mugs.
Take care,
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4) From: Jason
Dunk the mug in cold water, fill it, is air seaping out around where the
plastic meets the metal?  If so the seal inside is broken, mug still works
just cools off a bit quicker, it happens well to any of them over time.
Usually it is the result of being dropped and the glue seal cracks.
On Dec 12, 2007 2:23 AM, an iconoclast  wrote:

5) From: Rich
Running those type of insulated cups through a dishwasher will fail the 
seal also.  Seal fails, moisture enters - insulation value gone....
Jason wrote:

6) From: Jason
Oh yeah... Like rich just said... You need to hand wash these or expect them
to die.  (I expect them to die eventually, as I have no time to actually
hand wash them most days.)
On Dec 12, 2007 10:02 AM, Rich  wrote:

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