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Topic: Is my gut hot enough? (6 msgs / 84 lines)
1) From: Julie Yarrington
Couldn't wait for my Milwaukee from Amazon, so I went to Home Depot!  The
only thing they had was a MW 3300 wish only goes to 1350W. Wouldn't you
think they would have more to pick from?:(  I tried my first roast of 1
pound........seemed to take forever.  Then I roasted an 10 ounce batch in my
bread machine and it went much better.  Can't wait to try these!
Here is my question.....Would a 1500w be significantly better then the
1350?  If so, then I'll return this one and re order the 1500W MW from
Be patient, I have a lot to learn.  I can say that roasting is the first
real hobby I have ever had

2) From: Jim Gundlach
On Dec 13, 2007, at 9:24 AM, Julie Yarrington wrote:
The way a heat gun is used, so much of the heat blows out, a 1500  
watt  unit is minimum.
      pecan jim

3) From: Greg Scace
With respect to your subject line, I'd suggest that 1350 W is 
adequate if the ambient temperature is relatively high.  You may have 
to increase wattage in cold weather or wear a coat.  Keep moving the 
heat gun around on your gut to prevent painful burns.  You may also 
want to investigate alternative methods of personal heating.  In your 
case, I'd suggest a boyfriend.
Hope that helps.
-Greg Scace
At 10:48 AM 12/13/2007, you wrote:

4) From: Rich
You should consider outlet air temperature at What air flow in Standard 
Cubic Feet per Minute.  The input electrical power does not tell much of 
the story.  You will have to call the manufacturer to gt this 
information for the el-cheapo guns.
Julie Yarrington wrote:

5) From: Rich
1 watt = 0.05685 BTU/Min  and that is energy INPUT to the gun.  Now you 
have to figure out the hot air output and have that at a temperature 
that is adequate to roast coffee but neither bake or scorch them.  That 
would be something like 750 degrees +/- 50 degrees.
Greg Scace wrote:

6) From: Allon Stern
On Dec 13, 2007, at 2:49 PM, Rich wrote:
Pretty much all the engery input to the gun will be converted to  
heat. Heating elements are good at that.
It's a matter of how good their heating element to air thermal  
transfer is, and airflow.

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