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Topic: error 6 on behmor please help-joe called, shipping new machine (8 msgs / 92 lines)
1) From: Tim Harvey
Excellent, quick handling of this motor failure.  Hate that my roaster died, but Joe really exceeded my expectations on the solution.
---- Tim Harvey  wrote: 

2) From: Barry Luterman
So what was the solution?
On Dec 14, 2007 12:59 PM, Tim Harvey 

3) From: Rich
I will second that question.  What was the resolution?  Inquiring minds 
want to know...
Barry Luterman wrote:

4) From: Allon Stern
Ummm. Look at the subject line?
On Dec 14, 2007, at 6:13 PM, Rich  wrote:

5) From: Brett Mason
That's a fine subject line, but some of us like a little more
explanation, just to make sure we understand and don't miss it...
So the error means Joe will ship a new machine?  Is there more to it,
or is it simply 6 = Joe ships new?
On Dec 14, 2007 5:18 PM, Allon Stern  wrote:

6) From: Rich
The only people who read the subject line are the "why is this not OT 
group", never look at it, just read them all.
Allon Stern wrote:

7) From: Rich
I agree with Brett, more detail please and see my most recent post. 
Some of us pay absolutely no attention to the subject line....
Brett Mason wrote:

8) From: Tim Harvey
he arranged to send out a new machine along w/a few trinkets to sooth the disappointment.  It was to arrive tommorrow.  Actually could have had it today if I had known they were coming a day early today for the swap. Just missed DHL by a half hour :-(.
---- Rich  wrote: 

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