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Topic: fruit cake draw tonight (6 msgs / 81 lines)
1) From: susan oppenheim
finally got a woman lister to enter
so- no mike i didn't get 89 entries
but if anyone had had the chance to taste this great stuff i might have had
a few more
i got 16......
and all stateside
one from hawaii 
still receiving names if anyone wants to get in
i sold 60 of these cakes this month
at midnight tonight i'll write up the names on pieces of paper
and put them in my behmor drum and roll it around-by hand-ha-no fires
close my eyes and draw one
and then i'll let you all know
susan O -snowed in in Toronto

2) From: Treshell
Just in case some of us don't win how about putting the directions up?
Where did you sell them and are they still being sold?

3) From: Barry Luterman
Wasn't me. I am not even quite sure what a fruit cake is. Except to know it
gets re gifted and joked about a lot.
On Dec 16, 2007 12:12 PM, susan oppenheim  wrote:

4) From: Denis and Marjorie True
if I don't win where do I send a check to get one?
I've been drooling since last year wanting to taste this.......
susan oppenheim wrote:

5) From: John Brown
google Claxton fruit cakes
i like them the way my uncle used to send them to me.  he added brandy 
to the tin a week before my aunt would sent them out.  and for those of 
us who were overseas in the military more on the day before.
i had to open that package in secret if i want any of it.
Barry Luterman wrote:

6) From: Julie Yarrington
How do I get my name on a piece of paper???
the other Julie
On Dec 16, 2007 5:12 PM, susan oppenheim  wrote:

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