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Topic: Zass knee mill v box mill? (9 msgs / 162 lines)
1) From: Matthew Walker
Should I invest in a box mill or a knee mill Zass (151 or 156)?  My needs
are primarily small batches for FP.  The boxes are more frequently available
on ebay and likely I could get one for significantly less than the knee.
However, I would rather not be penny wise and pound foolish, especially
since folks are still asking me what I really want for xmas (!)  Any
advice?  Thanks in advance!

2) From: Barry Luterman
As in most purchases no one answer will surfice.  People say the knee mill
is more controllable.For me it does not work out.  I don't have a chair in
the kitchen to sit down while grinding. Plus recent back surgery makes
pressing my knees together with any force impossible. Incidedently. There
are usually knee mills available on e-bay. For me my personal favorite is
the Turkish mill. I use my Zass primarily when I travel. The Turkish mill
takes up the least space in my luggage. I can imobilize it while grinding by
holding it against my chest as I pace about the hotel room.
On Dec 16, 2007 4:14 PM, Matthew Walker  wrote:

3) From: Tim TenClay
I noticed barry is making the exact opposite suggestion as me...
That's probably best -- I guess it depends on each person.  I have a
knee mill and I love it.  I've had it for about 3 years (or so) and
have probably made 99% of my coffee over the past 3 years with it.
The hopper is just big enough to fit about 1 1/4 ounces of beans
(which is about what I use in a pot of drip) and plenty big for either
espresso, french press, mokka or vacuum (that's all I've used... so I
can't vouch for anything else.)  Holding the grinder with my knees is
easy and I got used to it really quickly, however my wife doesn't
particularly like it.  I thought about a Turkish mill but wanted
something a little bigger.
My only caution about the box mill is 2nd hand... I've heard (I
believe on this list) that there may be a design flaw in the box mill
(that is not in the knee mill) where the burrs shift a little creating
a slightly uneven grind.... Someone will probably confirm or deny
My $.02 -- if you want a Zass, either is probably  great choice.
Grace and Peace,
On Dec 16, 2007 9:14 PM, Matthew Walker  wrote:
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4) From: Brett Mason
I have one of each, and a few more for fun...  I use both on the
counter, left hand holding the box at the top, under the rotation of
the andle, right hand grinding...  They have virtually the same
grinding mechanism, they both hold roughly the same amount of beans,
and they look different.  I like the knee mill better in my travel
kit, box mill stays at the office...
SO - I recommend yo9u find one that appeals to you, and go for it...
ALSO - the one that looks "nicer" to you really is worth the extra $20
to get it...  These are treasures, much like Thortampers, and worth
every penny...
Best regards,
On Dec 16, 2007 8:14 PM, Matthew Walker  wrote:

5) From: Rich Adams

6) From: Treshell
Best 'pepper' mills I have ever owned!  The one I use I bought the first
Christmas StarBucks was open in the pike street market.  I no longer use
their beans but I use the knee grinder every day.  I found out about the
place because my hair dresser was going out with one of the two guys that
opened it.  She called him Weasel, not sure why.

7) From: John Brown
my experience would be to ask how strong you are in the hands and 
forearms. in my dilapidated condition i find it hard to hold on to the 
box grinder for very long.
Matthew Walker wrote:

8) From: Jim Gundlach
I have bought three Zassenhaus grinders, two boxes and one knee.   I  
now only have the knee, gave the other two to friends and relatives  
because they did not produce as consistent a ground coffee.  My advice  
is hold out for a knee grinder.
     pecan jim
On Dec 16, 2007, at 8:14 PM, Matthew Walker wrote:

9) From: Frank Awbrey
Matthew, I have been told that the knee mill is attached, both, at the
bottom of the burrs and at the top, thus preventing the burrs from moving or
"wiggling" as noted by an ealier poster. I do not know this for a fact,
since I don't have the knee mill, only the box mill. My box mill is only
attached at the top. At first I was a little disappointed in the
"consistent" grind of the box mill. But I learned that it was only
inconsistent at the coarser grinds (which is what I tend to use). The finer
grinds are very consistent.
Do just a little bit of checking with the others to see what they prefer as
far as grind consistency. I, personally, like the flavor of my coffee with
the coarser grind, even though it may contain a few of the "boulders".
On 12/17/07, Jim Gundlach  wrote:
"Still the one"

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