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Topic: Thank god for strong coffee (13 msgs / 277 lines)
1) From: Aaron
Just got off a 18 hour shift.   Im sure you all heard about the 
explosion today, well the power plant I work at was right down the 
road.  I in fact just happened to be looking in the direction of the 
place when it blew up.  I was up on the smoke stack repairing one of our 
emissions monitors when the thing blew...  words can not describe the 
explosion and mushroom cloud. Not to mention I almost crapped myself, 
here I am up 250 feet in the air and it nearly took me off the stack.  
Needless to say the blast  tripped the units and the fun job of 
recovering from the casualty was next in store for me.    This is all 
after getting called in last night as well for a problem..... overall I 
had about 4hours sleep in the last two days and have to go back in in 
about 6 hours for probably an other 12 hour shift....
Man im going through some coffee here unfortunately you can get to a 
point where you are too tired to enjoy it and are purely looking for an 
extra 20 minutes of 'oomph' to keep going.....  yawn....
On a sad note, people died in this blast... if you can, please say some 
prayers for the families left behind.

2) From: Brett Mason
Been praying for them, and for you - was worried it may have been your
On Dec 19, 2007 11:13 PM, Aaron  wrote:

3) From: Eddie Dove
Prayers sent up for them and you, Aaron.
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On Dec 19, 2007 11:13 PM, Aaron  wrote:

4) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
Consider it done Prayers are going out from here for you and all the

5) From: Vicki Smith
Add my prayers to the mix, Aaron. It sounds like the work you do is too 
risky to even attempt on so little sleep. Keep yourself safe, my friend.
True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69) wrote:

6) From: Lynne
So sorry to hear about the explosion & the casualties; I am very, very glad
you are safe. Keep safe! I will be holding you up in my prayers, and praying
for all involved.
On Dec 20, 2007 12:13 AM, Aaron  wrote:

7) From: Homeroaster
http://www.kansascity.com/440/story/410554.htmlI'm guessing one of these stacks is the one Aaron was talking about being 
on.  That is too close for comfort, let alone being on a stack 250 feet off 
the ground!
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

8) From: Jeff Cozad
I believe that he works at a power plant operated by JEA which is close to
the where the T2 plant is/was. The term "casualty" is generally used in the
power industry when when generating plant goes offline.
Jeff C
On 12/20/07, Homeroaster  wrote:

9) From: Aaron Scholten
Actually yes it was,  picture 5 of 6, not the two that look like nuclear 
cooling towers but the one towards the left, the big tall one, that was 
the one I was on.
the two others are actually cooling towers for St Johns River Power 
Park.  The other stack is us, Northside Generating Station... and in 
after thought, if I wasn't getting the hell off that stack asap as the 
toxic cloud was approaching, i wish I would have thought to break out 
the camera and take some pics of it all from up there.  I got the 
birdseye view for sure on that event.
Homeroaster wrote:

Thank God you're safe. (Just found this in my companies
'filter')...we'll put the families on the Church prayer list...

11) From: Lynne
Same thoughts here - thank God you're safe!!!!!!!
On Dec 20, 2007 4:58 PM, TERRY TITSWORTH  wrote:

12) From: Homeroaster
I haven't risked falling 250 feet or risked getting maced by a toxic cloud 
on my job in quite a while...well never, to be quite honest.  All in a day's 
work...not!  Do you climb all 250 feet up a ladder or are you brought up 
mechanically?  I'd be huffing and puffing so bad that I'd pass out half way 
up.  Of course with a good stiff homeroast double espresso, I could do 
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

13) From: Aaron Scholten
Well.... there is an elevator but that thing is the core of many a sore 
subject and legs.   I will not repeat some of the oaths said by those 
who have gotten stuck in the thing half way up / down the stack.   Yes 
there is a ladder too and yes it's a nice big workout climbing that 
high.  Funny thing is,  some folks say they are not afraid of 
heights..... about the 100 to 150 foot level is where we find out who's 
a liar.   You get that high and if you don't like heights, it is well 
known by then.  heh.   If you end up climbing it takes a good half hour 
or so (for me at least) and yes I make a few stops along the way.  Oh 
don't forget, you then have to huff your 40 Lb tool bag and equipment 
up.   All in all, a vigorous day.   Hey Domino's pizza, you said you 
deliver right???  good! I want to make a lunch order.
Homeroaster wrote:

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