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Topic: Even more OT: Global climate prediction from 1974, was +OT: Earth's (17 msgs / 393 lines)
1) From: Aaron Scholten
It was written:
So skepticism is only warranted for issues in which you do not wish to 
Well duuuuh! Einstein... if a person believes  in an issue, then they 
won't be skeptical now will they.
and if a person doesn't believe in an issue then by definition, that 
makes them a skeptic...
I have a feeling we are about to get another... can you define 'is'   
session here.
Still waiting for the warming crowd to take the first step and give up 
their coffee... after all it has been proven bad for the environment  
because it emits CO2..  oh  oops... thats right... hypocracy at it's finest.

2) From: Rich
The high priest of the 1st church of glowball worming sipping coffee on 
a private jet plane to Bali.  Quick definition of hypocrite.
Aaron Scholten wrote:

3) From: Aaron Scholten
I am not being rediculous at all scotty
Think about it..... your group wants the world to make drastic changes 
to ways that are vital to our survival... yet the little things, like 
your coffee for example,  ARE emitters of co2 yet since it is YOU that 
it directly affects,  oh no we can't do away with that can we....  
hypocrite...   How are you going to expect the rest of the world to make 
MAJOR changes when you are unwilling to make even a minor simple one 
that WILL have an effect.....
I love how you quietly and suddenly categorize your coffee consumption 
by assumption.. to be 'non significant'....so tell me,  who is the grand 
poobah who gets to decide which emmissions are significant and which are 
non significant.   But this is typical of the crowd and I am not 
suprised one bit.  It's good for everyone else but not I... im speshul.....
Lets do away with the internal combustion engine... ok boy wonder, 
please tell me, what do we have right now to replace it.......
yah I figured....  not only hypocracy but blind bleating the mantra.... 
somebody must do something.  I have no clue what I am talking about but 
somebody... has to do something.
here's another for you... when your group comes up with Viable and 
Workable solutions to get us away from these 'emitters' like the 
internal combustion engine... then perhaps the world will listen... but 
when you go to your usual 'excuses'  the govt, corporate, the prez, 
etc..and then sling hitler or nazi in there to make your point... 
everyone tunes you out, because they see the crap for what it really is.
But don't worry, Owl Gore and his kronies are behind you 1000%  as long 
as contributions to his cause continue... That mansion costs a ton to 
heat you know.

4) From: Jeff Anderson
"I have a feeling we are about to get another... can you define 'is'   
session here. "
As in "can you define torture?"
Aaron Scholten wrote:

5) From: Aaron Scholten
He calls me an A hole yet his closing line is about tolerance?
If that isn't the epiphamy of hypocrite than what is.   So at least you 
admit to being more comfortable a liar than an honest person....
Thank you, that's all I needed to hear.  Case proven.
Enjoy the rest of the night.

6) From: John Brown
and what form of animal farm and or 1984 do you wish to use to 
accomplish this change?  oh i forgot the greatest good for the greatest 
that kinda screws the individual don't it!
Scot Murphy wrote:

7) From: Jeff Anderson
News flash! There is more than one TV propaganda...err...news channel, 
and this great new thing called FM radio. You should check them out 
sometime. Some of them don't even have ties to the oil industry!

8) From: John Despres
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
Hot button issues such as these resulting in this kind of discourse get 
us or you nowhere. 
Go to bed, get some rest, and brew something tasty tomorrow & get over it.
John A C Despres
Hug your kidshttp://www.sceneitallproductions.com

9) From: Jack M. Rogers
You're free to believe as you want, and even to express it. And if you 
can convince enough others to believe as you do, you can even effect 
public policy.  See how liberal I am?  Odd how everyone who doesn't 
agree with you is "right wing", unreasonable, and other less glamorous 
That's the problem with labels like "conservative" and "liberal".  
You're showing us who the real "liberals" are.
Jack "am I a liberal or a conservative?" Rogers
Scot Murphy wrote:

10) From: John Brown
ah!!  so wrong! for all of human history, might is right.  how ever much 
we might wish otherwise.
the Race has survived evolutionary bottle necks before and will do so again.
since you seem to be a believer,  how have you aided in the carbon 
neutral movement?  given up you home? moved in to a tent? eat raw food?  
walk around naked?  shoe less?  ready to give your all to the movement?  
you gonna to act? or just talk the talk, not walk the walk!
Son! it is just the Hight Ashbury crowd all over again.
now me i am going to Die this coming year.  i am not going to pollute 
the Earth by getting buried.  they are gonna burn my skinny butt to 
ashes.  maybe they will use a CoGen System to power something.

11) From: Jeff Anderson
Are you wiling to send young Americans to die in combat to maintain 
dwindling supplies of foreign oil, John? That's what it will come down 
to, if it hasn't already. It's one thing to die defending our nation. 
It's another thing altogether to send our young men and women to die 
defending a dwindling oil supply, merely to put off the inevitable and 
keep the oil industry in business a few more years.
Gloom and doom? When the buggy whip industry met it's demise, did it 
bring about massive unemployment and global economic collapse?
Left wing conspiracies! A bogey man behind every rock, a terrorist 
around every corner! Watch out for those left-wing Blackhawks hidden in 
the bushes!
Right wing extremists posing as mainstream moderates are the whiniest, 
most unhappy, most irrational, and most fearful group of people I know. 
The more irrational the belief, the tighter the grip of the believer 
Hypocrisy knows no political bounds.
John Brown wrote:

12) From: Jeff Anderson
"Right wing extremists posing as mainstream moderates are the whiniest, 
most unhappy, most irrational, and most fearful group of people I know..."
I apologize. I left out gullible.
Jeff Anderson wrote:

13) From: Rich
Jeff, Do you know the background reasons that led to the exploration for 
and pumping of oil from the Arabian peninsula?  If you do not, you might 
want to do some research on the subject.  I think you will find it very 
Jeff Anderson wrote:

14) From: Jeff Anderson
Don't leave us in suspense while I dig out the history books, Rich. Tell 
us why that means we should remain dependent on Arab and other foreign 
oil supplies when we'll inevitably  have to to turn to alternative 
energy sources anyway?
Rich wrote:

15) From: John Brown
#1 did you read the the last paragraph of my reply ? oh one other thing 
i did for the carbon neutral thingeee,  never married and no children.
but  i will say been there and done that.  EM1,USN,RET
oct 63 at $78.oo per month
feb 85 at $1450.00 per month
look up oil shale reserves in the USA and Canada.!
#2 now as to unproved technologies, make it profitable and will get done 
ASAP.   methyl alcohol from corn and other bio sources. this has so far, 
driven up the cost of Masa for Tamales and Tortillas in the rest of the 
world.  leaving soon to be starving people? of course not to say 
anything about fuel economy dropping  and the raise in maintenance costs 
associated because of the mandatory addition of methyl alcohol in the gas.
i have three motor vehicles. in declining fuel economy, 80mpg , 70mpg 
and last 23 mpg, oh i almost forgot a bicycle i can't ride any more 
cause i ain't got the strength to pedal it  far enough to make it matter..
#3 young men and women in the killing fields of the oil for profit 
world.  hummmm i think if you could look it up you would find more are 
killed in bicycle accidents a year than the Afghan and Iraq war zones.  
not to talk about those killed by horses and other domestic animals.
#4 Left Wing, Right Wing, Extremists of any strip fit your bill.
from my 62 years experience
#4a Liberals seem to be more takers than givers
#4b Conservatives seem to be more givers than takers
don't matter what Political Party they claim.
at least that seems to be the way it is in my extended family.
if you enjoy the freedom to be either then it was someone like me who 
willing stood in harms way for you.

16) From: Jeff Anderson
"...We need to change our way of life right now to avoid Volcanic 
How witty!
Try this on for size. We need to change our way of life right now ***to 
keep our enemies from shutting off our oil supplies, leaving our nation 
In case anyone is getting any ideas, it would take a heck of a lot of 
oil to kill them all. Guess who has most of that? And even if we 
(continue to) wage war to get control of the Mideast supply, guess what? 
It's going to go bye-bye too.
When it runs out, we can't plant little oil trees and wait for little 
oil berries to appear. There aren't any. If we wait until all the oil is 
gone to do something about it, how are we going to maintain an army for 
national defense?
It doesn't matter whether there's global warming or not. We need to do 
it, and do it now. Our national security is at stake.
Only a fool or a traitor can say it's OK to keep burning oil like it 
grows on trees, so keep on talking, my friends. Your true character is 
And we don't need to jump on bicycles and live in mud huts, my resident 
comedian friends. We have a free market economy. When Americans demand 
it, business will provide alternatives at a price we can afford (unless 
we have to shut them down because we've run out of oil, of course).
Or have you lost your faith in capitalism and a free market economy 
along with your reason and logic, too?
Ross wrote:

17) From: Jeff Anderson
***"This is a coffee list.  We are horribly bored.  Please get off the 
political rant now."***
You have contributed at least ten posts to these threads, most of which 
have not only been political, but misleading, derogatory and abusive.  
"Hypocrite: 1  : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or 
religion   2  : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated 
beliefs or feelings. "  http://m-w.com/dictionary/hypocriteThe only thing I've responded to in this thread for several days now is 
personal attacks. This is my last. From here on out, if you insist on 
attacking me personally,  questioning my my patriotism, my sincerity, 
putting words in my mouth, or otherwise abusing me, please do so off 
line. That request applies to everyone else, too.
***"Jeff - I cannot believe you went here..."***
If you can't attack the message, attack the messenger.
You learn well from your radical right-wing mentors who pose as 
mainstream moderates. Like several other contributors to this thread, 
you've allowed yourself to be so brainwashed you can no longer think for 
yourself. I pray that someday you'll all get minds of your own again. 
The trash talk is not only a threat to our constitution, freedom, and 
democracy, but so worn out it's laboriously boring.
***"I take personal offense.  Please do not challenge the patriotism of 
those who preserve our freedom.  You are dead wrong, and your lack of 
appreciation is despicable.  Yes, my sons are among those who protect 
your right to be rude and offensive.  But demeaning them, and Sean, 
Dennis, Gary, and all those who stand in harms way for you and I, is way 
out of line."***
I challenged the patriotism of those who never served a day in the 
military, yet sent those who volunteered to preserve our freedom to be 
horribly maimed and die primarily for oil. I won't name names, but 
here's a hint. The oil business made them obscenely wealthy, and they 
currently hold very high political offices.
***"No, I am not continuing this discussion."***
A personal attack continues this discussion. Again, if you insist, 
please do so off line from here on out.
***"But I certainly am not willing to pass on your post and somehow give 
assent to your misstatements regarding our heroic soldiers."***
Now there you go again. Won't you ever learn?
Happy New Year, Brett, and may God bless.

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