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1) From: Eddie Dove
Santa Claus (a.k.a. Camille) was very kind this year.  Again, each of
the coffee-related requests were granted including one that actually
turned out to be a bit difficult to find: an 8-cup (40 ounce),
handblown Chemex (CM-3).  On Christmas morning, a vintage (~1980),
handblown, 8-cup Chemex with a box of white Chemex filters was found
to be hidden beneath some decorative cloaking; the filters are new and
were purchased from our hosts along with the Chemex CoffeeMaker Cover.
There were doubts as to whether or not the the brew from the Chemex
would be enjoyed because it uses paper filters - not a fan.  Upon
reading the box that ensconced Chemex filters, the following statement
was noted, "Chemex-bonded filters filter out all the bitterness,
sediment and oils: produce a clear, flavorful coffee without fail."
Oils?  Musings of, "How then can the coffee be any good?" ensued.
However, many of you constantly extol the virtues of this brewing
method, hence the original Christmas request to "Santa."
This morning, the session of sleep was brought to quiet closure by a
cherubic, "There's coffee brewing ..."  It was the Bali Kintamani
Arabica brewing in the Technivorm (with SwissGold filter), roasted
last Friday (12-21) in the RK Drum.  Ahhhh ... delightful!
This afternoon, there was a desire for more coffee; a perfect
opportunity to try the Chemex.  It was decided to brew the Bali since
the cup could be compared to this morning's brew.  A quick reference
of Sweet Maria's tip sheet, grind coffee, pre-wet filter, preheat
carafe, heat water in cordless Bodum Ibis (also delivered by Santa),
etc., initiated the process.  Grinds in filter and begin brewing,
allow bloom, continue to pour, patience, continue to pour, sample the
aroma of the wet grounds - WOW ... that is nice!
While the brew was being poured into the cup, the beauty of the
crystal-clear elixir could not go unnoticed! The olfactory was
obsessed as cups one, two and three were filled; Wyatt and Camille
anxiously awaited their share too.  The decision was unanimous; this
is exquisite elixir.
Merry Christmas = Great Coffee!
Just wanted to share,
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
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2) From: Les
Thanks for sharing you experience.  I have found that each brewing method
has its plus and minus factors.  I am glad that I have many ways to enjoy
various coffees.  I really like a good espresso, but unless I have a nice
amount of time to really savor the shot, I prefer other methods of brewing.
Enjoy your Chemex.
On Dec 29, 2007 2:11 PM, Eddie Dove 

3) From: John Despres
Very nice description. Thanks for sharing, Eddie. I'm delighted with 
mine as well which I bought with gift money, so it was sort of under the 
Eddie Dove wrote:
John A C Despres
Hug your kids

4) From: Scott Miller
So glad to hear you've found another way to enjoy your coffee. I have a
vintage 8-cup as well. Once I got the grind right, I was hooked. Clean up is
so easy, too.
On Dec 29, 2007 5:11 PM, Eddie Dove 

5) From: Eddie Dove
Part Deux ...
Yesterday morning, I was again awoken by the same cherubic chant,
"There's coffee brewing ..." This time it was the Brazil Cerrado
Screen-Dried Moreninha Formosa (Sweet Maria's - brewed in the
Technivorm with a Swissgold filter). If I do say so myself, this roast
(12-26-2007) came out perfect; as such it was consumed in short order.
The richly-bodied, bittersweet chocolate with fruited / berry
undertones was just incredible!
Again, in the afternoon, I found myself wanting another cup. It only
made sense to give the Bodum Bistro a trial run since the Chemex had
its turn yesterday; both were delivered by "Santa." The Bodum Bistro
is a bit different in that it comes with it own Swissgold-like
permanent filter; the packaging states "gold tone." A major difference
between the Chemex and the Bodum Bistro (other than the filter) is
that the Bodum Bistro is made of double-walled heat-resistant
borosilicate glass and has a stopper to help keep the brew hot for a
bit longer than the Chemex.
The same brewing process was followed as with the Chemex although the
difference in the brew would be that more solids and oils would make
their way into the cup. This does make for a very flavorful brew, but
also provides for some sediment as well; some find this objectionable,
but I am not one.
Used the Bodum Ibis again to heat the water, but since I was out of
the Brazil, Sweet Maria's Espresso Monkey Blend would have to suffice;
again, the aroma of the wet grinds was incredible. In the cup, the
caramel and chocolate was absolutely indulgent!  I enjoyed the brew
while chaperoning my son riding his new bicycle in the driveway. And,
yes, that included a second cup that was quite hot due to the
double-walled construction and stopper.
Two for two ...
But there's more ... part three ...
Wyatt and I are enjoying some Brazil Organic Camocim  Pure Bourbon
that we just brewed in the Chemex.  Camille had made some of the El
Salvador  Orange Bourbon Cultivar this moring, but then said that WE
need to go shopping at the mall and then take Wyatt to Chuck-E-Cheese
(that is what Wyatt (almost 5 years old) opted to do with his
Christmas money).  I am not fond of mall crawlin' so I needed a brew
with more KICK to get me going; I am with Wyatt on this one ... let's
go to Chuck-E-Cheese!
I ground a few "ticks" courser than the last time (per the
recommendation of one of our resident experts, Scott Miller) and I
stare at the cup in amazement.  I had no idea that paper-filtered
coffee could taste so good.  When I use paper filters (Filtropa,
Melitta Flavor-pore) in the Technivorm, it seems to "strip" a lot from
the brew, but not so with the Chemex.  The flavors from this cup of
Brazil are dazzling, but suffice it to say that in the foreground
there is an abundance of chocolate that seems to be sweetened with a
graham cracker.
Gotta get a cup to go ... we're going in ...
Merry Christmas = Great Coffee!
Happy New Year everyone!
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
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6) From: Les
You sure know how to rub it in when a guy only has one coffee roasted and
ready to go.  You are getting as bad as Mike McKoffee.
You need to provide napkins with those descriptions as I am drooling all
over the keyboard.
On Dec 31, 2007 10:17 AM, Eddie Dove 

7) From: Scott Miller
Sounds like with both a Technivorm and a Chemex you have 2 fine ways to do
drip coffee. I can't claim the coarse grind idea as original, though. Payin=
attention to Brett's postings is where I picked up on that idea. It does
require a bit more coffee to get the strength I like, but the improved
flavor is sure worth it.
Time to ring in the New Year....
On Dec 31, 2007 1:17 PM, Eddie Dove 

8) From: an iconoclast
On Dec 31, 2007 10:17 AM, Eddie Dove 
fact, I got up and poured me a cup. Dan roasted up some Brazil Carmo de
Minas Fazenda Sertao a couple of days ago.  As a SO this am, it tasted
really good. Since it's after 1am, I mixed it 50/50 with Sulawesi/Mexico
decaf blend he roasted during the same session.  So sweet and delicious. Out
of 200 lbs of caffeinated beans, 47 lbs are 6 different varieties of
Brazils. I guess I really like Brazils.
I remember Chuck E Cheese when my kids were younger. They really enjoyed it.
Now we have grandkids, but haven't taken them there yet. Time just flies, so
enjoy them thoroughly.
Take care and Happy New Year to all,
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9) From: Ed Needham
Yup.  My preference in coffee brewing for over 30 years.
Ed Needham
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