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1) From: Stephen Carey
Hi, all.  I have been working to get my stash down to a manageable 
level and one which would allow me to buy the new and wonderful beans 
Tom finds on his travels.  I am getting there.  From having over 45 
pounds (which I know isn't much compared to many), I am down to 27 
pounds 11 ounces.  But, they hail from 24 orchards/estates and almost 
as many countries - not really, but it seems that way.
I never thought I would get it to this amount, but as I am continuing 
to roast, more and more friends want to buy roasts from me, which 
will allow me to work down the stash and then buy the beans that Tom 
recommends.  The beans are NOT split evenly over the stash, no, I 
have a number of 2 and 3 pound bags in there, such as Geshas, 
Peaberries, Yirgs, and other highly recommended beans, plus my two 
favorite beans.  The rest come from wanting to try something from 
Cameroon, and other such places, or from getting a couple of sample packs.
It is opening my eyes to all that coffee can be, even at my stage of 
roasting.  And, I am finding that my friends now "drop in" more often 
for coffee than they did in the past.  And that is just fine.  I owe 
my friends so much, the least i can do is offer them home roasted 
coffee.  This has been a dream of mine for so long, to have a hobby, 
an avocation which I love and allows me to share the results of it 
with family and friends, this has done it.
My goal is to get to about 13 pounds and then buy more, though I am 
sure I will buy some before then - goals are made to be broken in 
this case.  But, I feel great about all of this.  Thank you one and 
all for your support, answering my silly questions, and bearing with 
me as I still try to learn this craft of home roasting.  I want to be 
very, very good at it and that is for me, so I may taste the fruits 
of my labor and share it along the way.  Sounds corny, I know, but 
after doing an inventory it is just how I feel.
Thank you,

2) From: raymanowen
"...my silly questions..."
That's odd, Stephen- I never saw any.
You might prepend "SQ" to the subject line. (That in itself might be the
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
On Dec 30, 2007 7:49 PM, Stephen Carey  wrote:
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3) From: Sean Cary
I order 12lbs when I get to 2-3lbs...that way I always have something
new.  While there have been a few that I wish I had ordered more of, I
always have a few "staples" like the Carmen Estate 1800 (think that is
what it is...the bag is 5000 miles away and I can't quite reach it.)
And a few other centrals that are always available...then when a Harar
Horse or something special comes up I may plus up early...to get a
2lber or so.
I am not a stash builder - works for me.
Last full month starts tomorrow...worn and tired.
On Dec 31, 2007 5:49 AM, Stephen Carey  wrote:
Sean M. Cary
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4) From: Les
I consider a two pounder a sampler and I really like Tom's ten pounders.
Once you settle on something you like, you will find that you end up missing
those beans.  The Bali this years is outstanding and it hasn't been around
in years.  I am glad I bought a 10 pounder.  I would panic if my stash was
under 20 pounds.
On Dec 30, 2007 8:26 PM, Sean Cary  wrote:

5) From: gin
do you want to roast them or give them away?
do tell, clearly you will have tons-o-takers
---- Stephen Carey  wrote: 

6) From: Stephen Carey
Trust me, I am roasting them.  I checked and they come from 14 
countries.  I plan on culinary trips around the world.
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