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Topic: Need real help on Behmor profiles (9 msgs / 185 lines)
1) From: Stephen Carey
Hi, all.  Please don't think I am a total loser, for I have been 
having some good luck with my IR2 since I started this a few months 
ago.  And, on my first 8 roasts on the Behmor, all at P1 things were 
fine and the coffees extremely good - Mexico FTO and Costa Rica Vino de Arabia.
So, I have been reading the instructions, going through it all over 
and over again and I find myself confused, as evident by my earlier 
share where I smoked the house a bit - the Behmor was perfect though 
and did just as it was supposed to in that situation - a benefit of 
reading the book so much is I knew what to do and not to do with a 
fire and smoke.
With the IR2 I understood profile - temperatures for a period of 
time, taking the bean mass up or down for a certain amount of time 
and up to 5 times or cycles.  But, even after going through the 
manual 10 times - seriously - this brain is just lost on the profiles 
(actually, I get those), but can't figure what the letters do, other 
than add time, which I could do with the time buttons.
I am seriously missing something.  It has gotten that I blame things 
on my meds for they are tough on the brain, but I can't in this case, 
it is me.  I just can't figure out how to take a bean up to a temp 
fast, then lower it for a while, then finish it with high heat to the 
end of first crack or close to second.
It is there - RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and I just can't understand it.  I 
am so embarrassed to ask for help for something that should be so 
simple.  Joe created a great machine and I want to use it to the max, 
but I can't try things until I understand them.
I also have to understand that this is different from an IR2, which I 
actually was getting very good at and still pull out for beans that I 
don't want to use the P1 setting on the Behmor.  I just get confused 
on how the pieces of the puzzle go together to create great coffee.
Will someone mind explaining to me a bit about the pieces - even off 
list if this is too stupid for the list.
Thank you very much.  A truly embarrassed,

2) From: Dave Ehrenkranz
I think you got it correct about the buttons. All they do is change  
the time which can also be accomplished by using the  + and - buttons.
As far as using the profiles (or programs P1 thru P5) you need to  
understand each program has a different profile which is illustrated  
in the manual. A better version (easier to read as the hard copy has  
quite small print) of the manual can be downloaded athttp://www.behmor.com/manual.htmlClick on "Click Here" to read Behmor manual to download it to your  
If you add or subtract time after the roasting process begins the  
time is only added or subtracted to the last stage. If you change the  
total time (A thru D buttons or use the  + or - buttons) before the  
roast begins then all the stages have their times changed but they  
still use the same percentages in each stage as is illustrated for  
each program.
Hope this helps.
On Dec 31, 2007, at 5:33 PM, Stephen Carey wrote:

3) From: Alchemist John
OK, let me see what I can do here.
First off, you are not missing anything.  The Letters do nothing more 
than add or subtract time really.  They are a convenience item, but 
IMO not really anything more.
Next, P1 as you know is 100% power all the time.  That is actually a 
little bit of a misnomer.  The element DOES cycle on P1.  What P1 
does is set the thermostat to one maximum level.  Unless the roaster 
hits that temperature, the element just stays on.
P3-P5 are different slopes of profiles.  In all of them the 
thermostat set point continually rises.
For you profile you asked about P2 is your only choice.  High initial 
heat, lower center heat, finishing with high heat again.  You are 
only going to nail down how long to set the initial profile for by 
experience.  More beans are going to need a longer profile so that 
initial high heat pours more energy into the roast.  I personally 
found a sweet spot at 12 oz for 12 minutes on P2.  That just about 
nailed the profile I like.
Does that help at all?
At 17:33 12/31/2007, you wrote:
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

4) From: Stephen Carey
John you and Dave helped a lot.  I was so over thinking it there was 
no way I would get anywhere.  I had in my mind that the letters were 
like all powerful functions that made a true profile, as opposed to 
being part of it.  I also see how the amount being roasted makes a 
difference.  I am going to have to play with things, maybe lose some 
beans, but get comfortable with the machine like I am with my IR2, 
which to me feels like an extension of my body when it is running.  I 
need to get that way with the Behmor, not be afraid of it and let 
common sense come back into play here.
Thank you for the solid explanations, both of you.
At 08:53 PM 12/31/2007, you wrote:

5) From: Les
I was getting baffled by P2, and I have over 20 years of roasting
experience, so don't get down on yourself so much.  Like Alchemist I had  to
work hard on getting a roast that I like on P2  I settled for a half pound,
and I begin the roast by maxing out the time with the plus button.  I then
control the final degree of the roast by hitting the cool button at the end
when it is at the level I want.  If I let the roast go the whole way without
hitting the button I get a nice full city plus.
On Dec 31, 2007 11:20 PM, Stephen Carey  wrote:

6) From: Jim Anderson
When you are maxing out the time on P2 with your half pound of beans are you
also setting it for a full pound?
On Jan 1, 2008 9:25 AM, Les  wrote:

7) From: Scott Miller
Not Les, but I will say that I've had luck doing what he describes with a
13-14 oz load, max. time on a 1 pound P2 profile. This has given nice FC
roasts; just pay attention & hit the cool button when the roast gets to
where I want it.
On Jan 1, 2008 8:34 PM, Jim Anderson  wrote:

8) From: Les
On 1/1/08, Jim Anderson  wrote:
No, I am setting it for a half pound.  I have not seen the need to try to
fool the machine.  Alchemist John's suggestion of warming the machine before
use has been helpful.  Yesterday my daughter was here from out of town.  For
the first roast I ran the machine dry for two minutes and then hit the cool
button for 2 minutes for a nice warm machine to begin the roast.  It made a
very nice difference in the 45 degree garage.

9) From: Jim Anderson
Ok, thanks.
I've been having a bit of trouble with P2. Since I usually roast half pound
batches I'll give your method a try.
On Jan 2, 2008 7:42 AM, Les  wrote:

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