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1) From: Paul Martin
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Right now, I roast with a hot air popper.  The small roast sizes are a
little tiring.  I've thought about moving to a HG/DB setup but beyond the
larger roasts, are there any other advantages to a heat gun over a popper?
Any disadvantages?  And, how large of a roast is typical with a HG/DB?

2) From: Bob
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control & repeatable roasts that are roasted through & through. =
*unmodified* poppers tend to roast fast and hot.
Bob ~ Parker
dedicated HG/BM 2lb roaster lover.

3) From: ray
The wife came out and asked what I was doing with her bread machine.....
Told her I was making coffee bread??  She just gave me the deer in the
headlights look and walked a way!  I am very impressed with this set up, was
using a turbo oven top and stir crazy before this beats that set up hands
down!  What you want is a bread machine with a metal stirring paddle not
hard to find and every thrift store and good will have bread machines in
them by the ton.  I use a Wagner hot air gun not very expensive sells for
abut 20 bucks but can kick out about 1000 or so degrees I start with a pound
of beans in the bread machine and its set on the dough setting  fire up the
heat gun and stick it in the machine I keep it directed away from the center
and more at the beans the bread machine spins the beans much faster than the
stir crazy which is great you have  a  much better more even roast of the
beans I watch and listen for the first crack and let it finish until I here
one or 2 beans of the second crack pop and off it comes and into the small
shop vac and 5 gallon pail with a stainless drilled bottom and a weather
gasket seal around the bowl the hose from the shop vac is in the body of the
pail about 4 inches up from the bottom makes a wonderful bean cooler and
when beans are cool I pull it out and vacuum up the chaff that fly's out of
the bread maker and vacuum out the cooled bread machine chaff is the only
real pain in the butt to vacuum up but the beans turn out super nice  even
color  and with enough light shinning into the bread maker you can pull them
at just the right color that you like   I hope this helps and you can Google
bread machine coffee roaster  and find lots of hits and pictures of them in
action even some on xtube   
Good luck  I roast about a pound at a time but I know this set up can do a
pound and a half easy if you want it to.  
Ray pilgrim

4) From: Julie Hershey Tieszen
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I love my hg/db. I used poppers for awhile but they roasted way too =
fast. Then I started the hg/dg and could roast half lbs at a time and =
could extend the roast and develop the beans better.  Go for it. It's =
cheap, fun and you'll really bond with the beans. :)

5) From: Vicki Smith
You may want to look at my HG/BM FAQ: http://coffeecrone.com/roasting/faq.htmI can do 2 lb in my bread machine, but find that roasts get a bit uneven 
   when the batch is that large. I generally roast .75-1.25 pounds. I 
have occasionally done a 1/2 pound roast--and that works well in my 
machine too. Some bread machines seem to toss smaller batches right out 
of the bread pan.
The advantages I have found are the intimacy (odd word, but true) of the 
roasting experience and the ability to control things like the time to 
1st crack, the interval between 1st and second etc.
Paul Martin wrote:

6) From: raymanowen
Just one more thing-
This is Exactly the right time of year to scour the thrift stores for bread
[Made a Great Gift]
Get two- that way you'll always have the needed spare part on hand, no
installation necessary, and it will have cost you, maybe, $7.50.
Fresh baked bread loaves are one thing. Make the bread dough with fresh
ground Hard Red Wheat [grind right into your mixing bowl], and it's outta
this world, both nutritionally and flavor wise!
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Try it, you'll like it...
On Jan 1, 2008 4:43 PM, Vicki Smith  wrote:

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