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Topic: OT LOL Re: Small-diameter Rod Bender (10 msgs / 216 lines)
1) From: Ross
You have me LOL.  If you are determined to use the wrong part, (I guess you 
own it now that you have taken vice grips to it )  It sounds like it is 
WAY too large so you will probably need to cut the rod and rethread it. 
Just unscrew the float from the valve then unscrew the rod from the float, 
cut the rod to the correct length and rethread.  Or admit you made a big 
mistake and go get the correct part. 
Good Luck,

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
Hi Ross,
As you can tell, I am not the handiest guy around....  That's one of
the reasons I admire guys such as Ray as much as I do, and enjoy
reading their posts almost as much as I would if I understood them.
I can no longer remove the rod without first removing the valve (the
rod is bent enough that it can't revolve within the tank), and I don't
want to do that if I don't have to. If I take it out, I will probably
replace it with the valve/float that fits.
Mostly, at this point, I'd like one of those handy little "benders",
but I can't find them listed anywhere.
On Jan 1, 2008 3:56 PM, Ross  wrote:

3) From: Ross
Sorry I can't help the handy little "bender", you can make a bender as you 
described with a piece of wood and a couple screws.   I agree with what 
others have said about bending not being a reliable solution.  The rod 
screws into the valve and it will ultimately rotate and negate your bend. 
If you want to buy new tools I suggest a hack saw and a die set.     I 
confess I am guilty of trying the bent rod technique too but for a very 
minor adjustment (that could have been done better by screwing the float in 
or out)  not to get the float in the tank. 
Good Luck,

4) From: ray
I would just get a new control valve the one with the plastic float that
rides on the inlet tube not the old ballcock type your talking about here
when the other ones are so much more trouble free and cheap too under $12.00
at home depot.. or here is a link for you http://www.dixieline.com/rtoliet/ToiletRepair.htm

5) From: Rich
FluidMastwer manufactures the one you want to buy.  Works great and the 
is no float rod to bend.
ray wrote:

6) From: Brian Kamnetz
After replacing the faulty valve with a too-large one, I got a
replacement at Lowe's (I think; could have been Home Depot) a while
back that telescopes, so that it fits in the smaller tanks such as
mine, as well as larger tanks. I think it was around $12. The float is
internal, within the shaft. I can't remember the brand; I will look
when I get home tonight. Most of the "standard" replacements, such as
those available at Walmart, are too big for my tank.
On Jan 1, 2008 5:01 PM, Rich  wrote:

7) From: ray
Was trying to think of the name but it did not come to me had flow master
ect. but not the right one to give him the link thanks!!

8) From: Rich
Thanks Ray, just noticed a typo...  FluidMaster  don't know how that W 
managed to sneak in there...
ray wrote:

9) From: gin
you are very funny??
Leave it? Yes,
leave the plumbing. take the vise grips and make roach holder.
---- Ross  wrote: 

10) From: Brett Mason
2008 is starting out in fine form!
Happy New Year one and all!
On Jan 1, 2008 5:24 PM, gin  wrote:

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