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Topic: Dialing / Care Of / Mods For A Mazzer Mini? (5 msgs / 94 lines)
1) From: Jeff Cozad
Greetings Listers,
I decided that it really was time for a Real™ grinder and that, in the wo=
of Alvin, "It's a present Dave... From Me to Me.". Up to this point I've
been using pre-ground Illy or another espresso from my favorite local coffe=
shop. I did a little bit of Googling and didn't find much of anything. Then
it occurred to me that I should ask the knowledgeable folks on the coffee
list that I've been semi-lurking on for years. So... Just how do I want to
go about breaking in, dialing in, and caring for a Mazzer Mini? And also in
the spirit of "The List", any mods to it worth trying?
Jeff C
Bettendorf IA - Formerly Iowa's Most Exciting City

2) From: Barry Luterman
It's pretty much plug and play. Find your individual grind sites. For my
machine espresso range starts at 2 marks below the black paper label arrow.
Vacuum pot is 15 marks above the latter. Clean once a month with Minute
Rice,remove upper burr, clean with denture brush, vacuum all with a Shark
Mini. When switching grind levels or coffees I brush out machine with a flu=
brush. No modifications have been necessary. Been in use 2 years and nary a
hiccup. Did get some rancid coffee once then realized I hadn't given it a
complete cleaning in 2 months. At my age I am starting to believe it is the
last grinder I have to buy.
On Jan 2, 2008 7:02 AM, Jeff Cozad  wrote:

3) From: Scott Petersen
On Wed, January 2, 2008 09:54, Barry Luterman wrote:
My experience is pretty much the same with my Mazzer Mini. My espresso
settings are 2 notches below the factory sticker to three notches above,
depending on the bean. Liquid Amber, for the record, is the one requiring
the really fine grind 2 notches below the factory sticker.
The only difference is that I have a very small shop vac that lives
beneath my coffee station that is used to vacuum out the grinder every
time I change coffees or any time more than 30 minutes between shots
occurs. I don't want any stale coffee at all.  I clean it about once a
month or sooner if I notice the taste of my shots going off. Cleaning
involves running rice through it, removing both upper and lower burrs and
cleaning them with an old toothbrush and a thorough wipe down and vacuum.
As far as modifications, the only one I have ever considered is to remove
the doser and use a chute. Now that I am pulling more espresso and have
the small shop vac that desire is waning. You can sort of see the
modification I am talking about in this picture from PNWG V.http://www.slal.net/po/photo.php?photo96&ver49&albumCheers
Scott Petersen

4) From: Barry Luterman
I had a doserless Rocky before the Mazzer and hated the dosser when I got my
Mini. I wanted to modify it and replace it with a chute in the beginning
too. After a month or so I discovered I really liked the dosser. Scott only
suggestion I would make is try a denture brush rather than a toothbrush for
cleaning. The denture brush is stiffer and does a much better job in the
crevices and burrs. In addition there is a tuft of fibers on the brush which
works well in the screw head depressions. I can really find nothing wrong
with the Mini. Oh wait I did make one modification. That was to add the
canning funnel in place of the hopper. Really good idea. Everyone who has
seen it here and has a Mini has made the same modification.
On Jan 2, 2008 9:09 AM, Scott Petersen  wrote:

5) From: Jared
I have had a Mini for a few years now and love it.  Before I bought it I was
concerned about getting one with a doser and the timer style on off switch.
If I had to replace it now I think I would get one with both again.  The
doser seems to break up any clumps of coffee and I can evenly spread the
coffee in the portafilter  with each pull of the lever.  I can also be doing
something else while it is grinding because the coffee is being caught in
the doser.  I do encourage you to get an "Eggstracter" type thing to blow
the grounds out of the discharge shoot part of the grinder .  I like the
timer because it is as easy as a switch and will turn itself off if I get
pulled away for a a call or something.  Good Luck with your purchase.  Jared

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