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Topic: OT: Capresso 560 grinder (6 msgs / 142 lines)
1) From: Ed Needham
I was given a non-working Capresso conical grinder this week and it has me 
baffled.  There were three 1/2 inch long very stiff springs and three steel 
balls in the grinds hopper that I know belong somewhere, and are likely part 
of the upper burr assembly to hold the burr in place but allow some 
tolerance for stones or ungrindable material to get through without damaging 
the burr.  If someone has one of these and wouldn't mind explaining how 
things fit together in and around the burr mechanism, I surely would 
appreciate it.  It appears that there 'may' be a part missing.  There are 
two plastic barbed prongs sticking up that look like they need something to 
hold on to.  I see no place to put the springs and steel balls.  It would be 
great to get this thing working, as I need a portable quality grinder and 
the reviews on this machine give it high ratings.
I'll be embarrassed if it is a simple fix and might have to relinquish my 
man card for a day or two for punishment, but I truly think there is more to 
this grinder than was given to me.
Offline messages are appreciated, since it's a grinding issue and not a 
roasting issue.
'roast at homeroaster dot com' will get you through my spam filter and into 
my friend filter.
Ed Needham
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2) From: Joel Gomberg
Ed Needham wrote:
I decided to remove the screw holding the lower burr to do a good cleaning -- 
and because I can't resist taking things apart.  You need a torx #20 driver to 
reinsert the screw.  First, insert the piece with the barbs sticking up.  The 
three springs go into the three holes.  Place a ball bearing on top of each 
spring.  Then SLOWLY place the lower burr over the plastic piece and push it 
down to compress the springs.  Finally, screw in the Torx screw that holds the 
entire lower burr assembly.  That was the tricky part for me, because the 
"calibration", such as it is, seems to depend on the tightness of the screw. 
There's a good post on this in the Coffeegeek.com forums that I stumbled across 
after I reassembled the grinder:http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/coffee/machines/244653#244653The upper burr just sits on top of the lower burr assembly.  You can find the 
manual for this grinder on the Capresso web site, but it won't tell you anything 
about the lower burr assembly.  Good luck.  I think the grinder is fine for 
anything but espresso, but Miss Silvia demanded that I get her a Rocky for company.
If the text description doesn't help you, send me an email and I'll take some 
pictures of it for you.

3) From: Ed Needham
So the springs and balls go below the lower grinding burr.  I had not taken 
that off yet.  That sounds like the answer I needed!  Thanks!  I'll take a 
look at it tomorrow.

4) From: Ed Needham
The Capresso 560 now works like a charm!  Thanks Joel!  I just had not 
thought that the springs would go under the grinding burr.  I never expected 
anyone to have taken it apart that far.  It was a very easy fix though.
I ground beans on the finest setting and I can't imagine it not being fine 
enough for espresso.  The grind looks very even and very fine.  The grinder 
is soooo quiet too, since it's a low RPM conical type.  I absolutely think 
this is the best grinder I've ever seen for inexpensive home use.  They 
retail for $90 on the internet, and that is definitely reasonable for this 
grinder.  It is obviously ten notches above any of the small retail units 
I've had in the past.  It won't replace my commercial LaPavoni ZIP grinder, 
but it will definitely be my travel grinder.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

5) From: kevin creason
i grind my espresso two notches up from the finest setting, matter of fact.
it can be a little staticy when i grind a bunch at a time for friends
on press/drip settings.
On 1/3/08, Ed Needham  wrote:
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6) From: Joel Gomberg
I'm glad you got it working.  It definitely grinds fine enough for espresso -- 
in fact, on its finest settings it will completely jam Silvia -- but it just 
didn't result in good shots for me.  I don't know if it's because the grind was 
not really even or what.  If you look at the user reviews at coffeegeek, you'll 
see that some people are very happy with the Infinity for espresso and others 
think it fails miserably.  I'm somewhere in between.
Ed Needham wrote:

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