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Topic: Temperature Probe (5 msgs / 97 lines)
1) From: ray
Has anyone tried out the infra red no touch temp probes that have a laser
light and pointed it at the beans?  Just wondering how good they are for
quick read on bean temp?

2) From: Jamie Dolan
I have the Iroast2.  I almost bought a infrared thermometer last week.
 Then I searched the internet and I found a number of things that said
that infrared thermometers do not take proper reading through glass at
all.  So atleast with a iroast it does not sound like it will work
Perhaps there is a different roaster that would allow the infared to
see the beans directly durring roasting and it would work properly?

3) From: Dean
If I recall, I was debated here, endlessly, as it seems to always go, 
about a year or so ago--maybe check the archives.
Seems like the loudest opinions were that it shouldn't or wouldn't or 
didn't work well.
Happy searching.
Roasting some Djampit, with Panama Carmen on deck.
ray wrote:

4) From: kevin creason
they will be fine for an open chamber roaster like a poppery. but if
you have a drum, glass pot, etc, you will get the temp of the material
on the outside. that number won't be extremely useful except as chart
of that surface's temp from roast to roast.
i have one, and it is fun to play with. it would be more fun if the
laser site would set off laser detectors in cars.
On 1/2/08, ray  wrote:
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5) From: Jarred Vallozzi
IR waves generally will not pass through glass.  I am not familiar with how
an infrared thermometer functions, though I could speculate.  It is likely
this is why IR thermometers cannot take readings through glass.  They will
record the glass temperature, or some skewed reading.
On Jan 2, 2008 9:54 PM, ray  wrote:

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