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1) From: Allon Stern
So, is it possible to sharpen burrs, or just not worth the trouble?  
I'm gonna replace the burrs in my RR45, but rather than throw out the  
old ones, I wonder if it could be possible to sharpen them. Not that  
I have the skill to do so.

2) From: Andy Thomas
I sharpened a set of burrs once on a whetstone. I placed the flat surface of the burr on the flat of the stone and sharpened with a circular motion. It sort of worked -- actually made a positive difference in grind quality. The problem is that it only sharpens a small part of the cutting blades of the burr set, so it was no substitute for new burrs. I did it on a burr set that I was planning to relace anyway if the home-made sharpening didn't work. I used the sharpened burrs only until the new ones arrived.
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So, is it possible to sharpen burrs, or just not worth the trouble?  
I'm gonna replace the burrs in my RR45, but rather than throw out the  
old ones, I wonder if it could be possible to sharpen them. Not that  
I have the skill to do so.
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3) From: raymanowen
"I wonder if it could be possible to sharpen [burrs]. Not that I have the
skill to do so."
If you possessed the absolute last ones on the planet, a metal fabricator
could resurface the cutting faces with a Carbide arc welding stick and grind
each individual tooth.
If there are still coffee and grinders in that day, you just spent enough to
buy 2 or 3 brand new grinders!
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
On Jan 7, 2008 10:30 PM, Allon Stern  wrote:
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4) From: Lynne
I found some videos on how to sharpened knives with whetstone - did it a
couple of times, and love it. I basically like anything that is more
meditative, quiet in action...
Not about burrs, but I thought I'd just mention..
Andy Thomas wrote:

5) From: Jim Gundlach
I once tried sharpening the burrs that came with my used Mazzer  
Major.  I am used to doing very fine work since one of my hobbies is  
making jewelry out of rough stones.  I found it beyond my skill level.
    pecan jim
On Jan 7, 2008, at 11:30 PM, Allon Stern wrote:

6) From: John Despres
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I'm not sure what a new set of burrs cost, but it might be worth it to 
check with an industrial sharpening firm in your area. There may be 
enough of a savings or at least keep a back up set around.
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Jim Gundlach wrote:
John A C Despres
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7) From: Dave
I know its possible to sharpen files using an acid process:http://tinyurl.com/34hcuyI wonder if this would work for the burrs?
Some days...
It's just not worth chewing through the leather straps
On Jan 7, 2008 9:30 PM, Allon Stern  wrote:

8) From: Aaron Scholten
Sharpening your burrs is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have 
a conical burr grinder... or any grinder really that isn't a whirly bird.
Unlike whipping out your boyscout knife and a stone, .. the burrs are 
extremely more complex in the cut, the angle, etc etc....  Basically 
without a CNC lathe with plenty of add ons, router attachments etc, and 
a very good machinist to get the measurements, pitch angle, etc etc. 
anything you do to the burrs will basically make them much worse.  If 
you hit them at the wrong angle you will mess them up, and the burrs are 
probably very VERY hard metal.  I want to say tungsten carbide but can't 
guarantee that,... either way, need special bits and can chip easily if 
cut wrong.
Sadly, sharpening your own properly... is very far past the abilities of 
most all of us on the list, and far past the affordability to get the 
proper machinery of the most of the rest of us on the list.   Unless you 
are a skilled machinist with access to all the goodies and machines to 
cut them.  I used to have the access to such machinery, however myself 
...sorely lack that kind of skill.

9) From: Allon Stern
On Jan 8, 2008, at 4:50 PM, Aaron Scholten wrote:
So here's a question: when replacing your burrs, what do you do with  
the old ones?
No, I never throw anything away ;)
(thought - weld 'em into a weird sculpture, maybe with espresso  
machine parts as well....)

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