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1) From: Bryan Wray
Had a really cool experience this morning at my real coffee shop and figured who better to share it with than my virtual shop!
Nicaragua Matagalpa Pacamara Peaberry, not only is it a blast to say, it's a blast to drink as well.  Talk about complex, wow.
I pulled this as a double normale this morning at the shop and got lucky that the Sumatra Classic Mandheling and the NMPP were really close in grind setting, so close that even though I didn't adjust the grinder, the shot flowed beautifully.  Great tiger striping coming out of the naked PF (was a little bit of a "donut" effect though...) resulted in tons of of really thick crema.  Back it up a little though...
First of all, I almost always know what I *should* taste in a coffee before I taste it just because I like to know what I am getting myself into.  I will look over the cupping notes that Tom provides and see what it is he picked out and then I will try to gather the same.  Not so today, I had no computer around when I was grinding the coffee and pulling the shot and I didn't have the original bag with the notes on it.  "Nicaragua, probably a really clean cup... bright and citrusy..."  Not really... haha.  It was really cool that as I was smelling and tasting the coffee and writing down what I was experiencing, it matched so well with Tom's notes when I checked back over them later.  Normally they don't line up like this at all.  
The aroma had this weird smell that I couldn't place at first... don't know why.  At first it was almost herbal, not good or bad herbal, but really funky, like autumn leaves... is that even "herbal?"  I don't know, but that's what it was for a split second, but it changed really really quickly, which threw me off.  I'm walking around the shop going, "Oh what is that!" (yes out loud... customers looked really confused before I explained).  Finally I figured it out, Red Man Tobacco...!  It was really all I pulled out of the dry fragrance, just that.  When I smelled the shot after it was doing brewing all I could smell was cacao, really dark cacao, not cocoa and the tobacco came through as well.  It was so intense that I wasn't sure I was going to like the shot, seemed like the shot was going to be really bitter.  NOPE!  First thing that hit my tongue as I tipped back the demi was red cayenne pepper.  It sort of grabbed my tongue and wouldn't let go.  Then the intense cocoa
 followed and leveled out to a semi-sweet vanilla/cocoa finish.  How awesome!  I'm really glad I have a bunch more at home!  
Then I got my laptop out and checked what Tom had noted in the coffee.  It was almost parallel!  I didn't pull any fruit notes out of the coffee, but the roast was taken a little darker than I wanted it to be (Full City+, breaking on a Vienna) so that could have muted a lot of the more citrus, bright notes.
Good morning for coffee... I really like those.  Well there is a press of Panama Carmen Estate 1800 waiting for me to push the plunger...  have a good morning all!
Bryan Wray
NaDean's Coffee Place
Kalamazoo, MI
"It is my hope that people realize that coffee is more than just a caffeine delivery service, it can be a culinary art"- Chris Owens of Cafe Grumpy in NYC.
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2) From: Les
You are going to wipe out the remaining stock with a report like that!
Pacamara is one of the better kept secrets on the SM list.  It is one of my
favorite beans.
On 1/8/08, Bryan Wray  wrote:

3) From: Floyd Lozano
I am beginning to think every bean on the offerings page, save Goo Goo
Muck, is Les' super secret all time favorite ;)
On Jan 8, 2008 10:44 AM, Les  wrote:

4) From: miKe mcKoffee
Ah, you're catching on to the "art of the shill":-)
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffeehttp://www.mckoffee.com/Ultimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I must">http://www.mcKonaKoffee.comURL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer, some recipes etc:http://www.mckoffee.com/Ultimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I must
first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal enlightenment
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.
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5) From: Les
Nope!  I don't often buy any Island coffees.  I buy some Kona for the wife.
I don't buy from 2 Central American countries anymore.  I don't like most of
the Indonesian coffees.  I don't like the wet processed Ethiopian coffees.
And I have weeded out a majority of the Brazil offerings from my list of
must haves.  With Tom offering over 100 quality coffees a year, I have
learned I had better discriminate down to 20 or so to enjoy.  To be real
honest, in many ways Tom is doing himself a disservice by offering so many
excellent coffees.  Just like my tamper business with over 60 species of
wood in stock.  The smart thing for me to do would be to offer
representative woods and limit myself to about 10-15 species.  Tom could do
the same, but he is in business to offer the best no matter what.  At one
point in my coffee journey (about 18 months ago), I was about ready to bag
the whole homeroast thing.  As I thought about it, the problem was too many
good choices.  Like you said, "I am beginning to think every bean on the
offerings page . . . . .is Les' super secret all time favorite."   In one
sense that is true.  Tom does an amazing job of cupping for us.  He doesn't
offer bad coffee.  Speaking of bad coffee.  Yesterday I brewed up some of
the Kauai my daughter gave me with proper rest.  Oh!, the anticipation of
the cup was breathtaking.  the aroma that filled the house was stunning.  I
even got out my special cup, a reproduction of the old railroad coffee mugs,
to enjoy this stellar cup of coffee.  The aroma even brought the wife out of
the bedroom for an early cup.  I poured the cup and made her a cup.  We sat
in the living room to enjoy it.  Nothing!  I am telling you there was
nothing in the cup but brown water.  I can't  remember such a thin cup of
coffee.  I know it brewed properly because I poured Becky's coffee in a
clear cup and it was the right color.  I have never had that experience with
a Sweet Marias bean.  Becky said she couldn't taste the coffee either.   So
back to the Pacamara bean.  It is to me a special bean that brings out
a unique coffee experience.  A good one has great chocolate.  I am thankful
that Tom cups them and brings them to us, because I have had some sent to
me that were just like the Kauai.  Dry fragrance was good, wet fragrance was
good, but nothing in the cup.  Tom always makes sure we have good coffee
based on origin in the cup.  Each of us has to pick what we like and enjoy
it and not swoon over every offering that Tom brings us.  A nice problem to
have.  When I started homeroasting the big problem was getting some one to
sell you beans that were not baggy, and having a stash of more that 3 beans
because of availability was a luxury.  We have come a long way baby!  For
all you newbies you don't know how good you have it!
On 1/8/08, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

6) From: Dave
Well Bryan, you did it. All gone now:-( I know I had some some of this
and really liked it. I may have just a little left...
Some days...
It's just not worth chewing through the leather straps

7) From: Edward Bourgeois
Generally Nics are my favorite Central. theres usually something that
reminds me of the original Callard & Bowser english toffee I had as a
kid. Have always wondered if there is something unique about the soils
in Nic. Pacs I think are lower yielding and think they might
concentrate a little more flavors from the soil. I liked the offering
Tom had from the Esteli area very much too. Got a nice stash of Nics.
thankfully as Tom is completely out of Nics now.
On Jan 8, 2008 1:50 PM, Dave  wrote:

8) From: Bryan Wray
Done and done!  Actually the remaining stock was already gone when I posted.  It was (and is) on the offerings page, but if you tried to add it you got a message saying that they were out of stock.
Bryan Wray
NaDean's Coffee Place
Kalamazoo, MI
"It is my hope that people realize that coffee is more than just a caffeine delivery service, it can be a culinary art"- Chris Owens of Cafe Grumpy in NYC.
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9) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
Dave wrote:
Luckily I have 3.5# left.  And in an "interesting timing" situation, a 
coworker asked me today when I was going to roast some more up and bring 
the coffee in.  hmmmm ... with the new Christmas gift from my folks, I 
can roast in the rain and after dark since it's all indoors! :)
Anyone roasted any Nic Mata Paca Peaberry in a Behmor yet?  Any 
recommendations for profile and/or settings?

10) From: Bryan Wray
Yup... the NMPP that I roasted was roasted in the Behmor!
Here you are, but I would say give it about 15 seconds less than I did...
Nicaragua Matagalpa Pacamara Peaberry
Start time 15:00
First crack at 12:45
Second crack at 13:30 (I'm moving a little fast if you couldn't tell...)
Roast stopped at 13:40 as I go flying into second, almost reaching a roll, but not quite.
The result, as I already posted, was a light vienna.  I would shoot more for the Full City(ish) range
Bryan Wray
NaDean's Coffee Place
Kalamazoo, MI
"It is my hope that people realize that coffee is more than just a caffeine delivery service, it can be a culinary art"- Chris Owens of Cafe Grumpy in NYC.
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11) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
    Thank you!  Two of the three times I roasted this in my HG/BM setup 
came out more towards Vienna too ... never really heard First Crack in 
those cases ... just straight into a rolling Second Crack.  Still tasted 
DARN good!
     1/2 pound, P4, D, no added time before starting, hit cool *as soon 
as* 2nd starts.  Excellent!  Off to the kitchen! :)
Bryan Wray wrote:

12) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
Bryan Wray wrote:
For others interested in roasting this bean in the Behmor ...
NMPP, 228g (1/2 pound) starting weight
+ Ran cool cycle for 6.5 min (1/2 cycle), <1 gram of green fell out as 
too small
+ Started roast: 1/2#, P4, D, no extra starting time
+ Heard first First Crack with 3:40 remaining (or at 11m 20s total 
roasting time)
+ Never really heard a rolling First Crack, but somewhat steady by 2:10 
(12m 50s)
+ First Crack died out shortly after
+ First definite sound of Second Crack at 1:10 (13m 50s)
+ Increasing rate of Second Crack
+ Hit COOL at 0:50 (14m 10s)
+ Estimate 2nd Crack hit "Rolling" at about 10 seconds into cool cycle 
but tapered off quickly
Post roast weight: 186g w/<2g of "waste" beans in the chaff tray for 
17.5% loss of mass.  The three times I've roasted NMPP in my HG/BM, I 
had 19.6%, 16.9% and 19.1% losses respectively.  Beans were oily after 
the first & third tries.  Today ... I found several beans with divots, 
so I really did hit Second, but there are no signs of surface oil at 
all.  I think I nailed a Full City/Fully City+ just fine.
One of the really neat things about this for me is ... I could never 
have roasted at this time of night in my HG/BM ... it's too dark out and 
I don't have enough light outside to be able to see what I was doing and 
my hands are already busy witht he actual roasting process, so I can't 
hold a flashlight!  Sight is very important, at least for me, with the 
HG/BM method.  With the Behmor, it has a built in light and I have more 
light in the kitchen and if I needed it, I could hold a flashlight .... 
but I didn't need to. :)

13) From: Bryan Wray
"+ Ran cool cycle for 6.5 min (1/2 cycle), <1 gram of green fell out as too small"
You got some of those monster beans to fall through!?  They're huge!  Maybe I have the small mesh after all...
(not sure why my formatting on this message is different, but as I am typing it just keeps scrolling and scrolling out to the left... how annoying!)
Bryan Wray
NaDean's Coffee Place
Kalamazoo, MI
"It is my hope that people realize that coffee is more than just a caffeine delivery service, it can be a culinary art"- Chris Owens of Cafe Grumpy in NYC.
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