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1) From: Treshell
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Lets see which will I be able to attend, afford, learn the most from the
most people and do it this year?
There is this one in Portland later this month with Ken of many book fame
that I would love to attend.
Coffee Cupping, Evaluation and Sensory Description [2 Days]
A beginning through advanced level, hands-on, in-depth workshop on coffee
cupping, evaluation and sensory description.
Cost:  $975. per student
Here on this list with all of you and the great roasted coffee of Tom?
Kenya AA Nyeri - Gachatha Coop
A beginning through advanced level, hands-on, in-depth as we want to make
it, evaluation and sensory description.
Cost: Coffee one pound $9.  plus shipping.
I know that this weeks will be just a dry run because we didn't plan it out
real well.   Its sort of last minute etc etc.  I also know that we all roast
greens.  I think we could be on to something however and I hope we can use
this week to plan out a way to do it once a month.  Jim mentioned to me that
it could then be planned in with the 12 pounds many already order.  Shipping
wouldn't be so high etc. etc..  I can't wait to get started!!
This week I have already enjoyed learning about the care and interest Tom
used on this coffee.  I will like Lynne, learn what Tom really means by City
roast.  I will be tasting the same exact coffee all of you can!  I
personally am very excited.  I really hope that a number of you that have
roasted and worked on a higher level will join in.  This is what I hope to
do and do well this year.  Knowing that I will get mine after everyone else
(its that WY thing)  I hope that as soon as some of you get yours you will
start.  Also some of you that have done it a lot  maybe you could start us
off with a plan of attack----  If you were to teach this how would you go
about it?

2) From: raymanowen
I learned a lot from Dennis' organized coffee blend swap several days ago.
Shipping would wipe me out before too long, but will soon be able to charge
it all to a business/ educational account.
Let me tell you- it was my last hope of getting excellent coffee. Mike
Holland will say that he's new to coffee roasting and blending-
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,Ha, Ha,Ha, Ha,Ha, Ha-
Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho. That's good!
Now I know my Celtic Critic's expression when she tastes really good coffee,
Heh, heh.
We'll have to set up a Cupping, Evaluation and Sensory Description form at
the C Note! Buy one 16oz Steinway mug of coffee and turn in an evaluation
survey for $1 refund, unless there's a Jazz
group or Big Band playing.
Vast ideas, but the plans are only half that big, so far.
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
I just want to roast...
On Jan 8, 2008 3:31 PM, Treshell  wrote:

3) From: Bill
Now, now, it's not the Wyoming thing.  I get my shipments in three days.
 It's crazy.  That's the beauty of living in Cheyenne at the junction of
I-25 and I-80 (not many other things to describe as beautiful here on the
edge of the Great Plains!!!).  So it's not that it takes forever to get SM
packages to Wyoming, just to the rural parts!!  Enjoy the Kenya!Bill
On Jan 8, 2008 6:15 PM,  wrote:

4) From: Lynne
I got my package of pre-roasted Kenya AA Nyeri - Gachatha Coop - think it
was Friday. Been in a bit of pain, and for some strange reason it's been
localized on my hands. This has been really p#@$@ing me off, since writing
is second only to reading for me (I literally have several cheap reading
glasses around the house, in various pocket books, and in my coat, just so I
will never be caught unable to read.
I feel the same about typing on my computer. So I've been in a nasty mood
all weekend, less because of the pain - more for the fact it's preventing me
from doing something I both enjoy and need to do!
But I'm better today (hooray!), and even am surviving being snowed in with
the two sons. So here I am... typing away, watching the little sparrows
perched on the snow covered azalea bush outside my window - and enjoying
this wonderful Kenya experience.
I wish I was better at this - Tom mentions descriptions of orange peel,
grapefruit, winey and candy-like sweetness. I pick up the sweeter flavor,
and there is a sharper, bright flavor. He also says it's a clean cup - now I
would say that I taste a chocolate-like flavor... but that's from someone
who usually would say, "Hmm - I taste - coffee. But good coffee - great
coffee, in fact.. but definitely coffee."
Anyway - thanks so much, Tres!

5) From: Lynne
Talking to myself here - forgot to add - I have been sharing these beans.
Took some to a dear neighbor - she loved it so much, she made a second FP
pot for herself (she lived in Paris for a year, some time ago, so I imagine
she experienced good coffee there), and my son loved this also. I also feel
proud that I really nailed it when I roasted a Kenya before Christmas -
don't think they are the easiest to roast, but that one was great. The
downside - it was my Christmas roast, which no one sampled because of our
little, dysfunctional family antics..but on the upside, I had some good
coffee afterwards.
This one is great. Glad I had the chance to sample it.

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