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Topic: Aeropress vs. Chemex vs. Bodum vs. Technivorm/Clarity/Presto - thank you! (7 msgs / 123 lines)
1) From: Sean Sweet
Thanks Larry, Brett, Scott and Erik for helpful suggestions.
Decisions: I'll continue to tweak things with the AP (including trying to
track down some poly filters - great advice - anyone know where i can get
some in Vancouver?) as well as look to pick up a Chemex sometime soon and
save for a Technivorm in the future.  When roasting & resting new beans, I
will taste first in the French Press to get the most of the notes, etc, then
follow up in the AP and/or Chemex.
I've had some great African cups off Alysium's Clover (only $4 to $5) - if I
can get even close to that on my AP with a poly filter. I'll be happy (well,
... OK, not "happy" but will be stoic about it) to use twice the coffee as
with a FP.
Cheers again.

2) From: Larry Johnson
Sean, how fine are you grinding for the AP? I don't use twice the
coffee in mine than in my FP; I use about the same amount, but ground
much, much finer.
On 1/9/08, Sean Sweet  wrote:
Larry J

3) From: Pat Murray
I use 26 grams of beans for a half litre of coffee in my Technivorm, and 44
grams of beans (ground finer) for the half litre with the AP for equivalent
strength brew. The AP brew is so good I am totally happy to use the extra
beans, besides it gives me an excuse to roast more.
On 1/9/08, Larry Johnson  wrote:

4) From: Bill
I am new to the AP, but a longtime FP user.  I have been using 20 g beans to
15 or 16 oz of water in the FP, and I have been using 26 g (2 scoops, give
or take) of beans in the AP, using about 6-8 oz of water, then pouring about
6 oz more of hot water in... haven't spent any time tweaking the AP
measurements yet, just following the instructions for now... Anyone want to
give me some thoughts on divergences on the directions?  Things you like to
do with the AP?  Thanks!Bill
On Jan 9, 2008 8:11 PM, Scott Petersen  wrote:

5) From: Bill
Thanks Treshell, I was wondering where to get the stuff from!  How many
filters did a 12x12 sheet get you?  Peace
On Jan 9, 2008 9:17 PM, Treshell  wrote:

6) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
So has anyone tried the "poor mans clover" AKA the WC9K with the poly =
Just another thought of course I'm still on the sidelines with this =
until I can fiscally justify some more purchases.
This is a copy of an email from a month or so ago.   You might also try =
method of inverting the whole thing as is talked about in a very long CG =
thread.  Maybe someone on here could write that up for you.
The person that became obsessed with getting it right went this way.  =
What they came up with on CG list is called Polyester Filter Felt, comes =
in 12x12 sheets at a cost of $1.26 each.  It is sold by McMaster-Carr =
and is part # 6376 T11
Try this to get to themhttp://www.mcmaster.com/ then type in- polyester filter felt 5 microns
Then scroll down page.  I ordered 2 12x12 sheets that I had with in 2 =
days at a total cost of $7.77 Polyester Filter Felt Ideal for very fine =
filtering of water, organic solvents, organic acids, petroleum oils, =
weak alkalies, and mineral acids. Sold in individually packaged sheets =
for convenience. Max. temperature is 300  F. Color is white.
          12" x 12"
5 Micron         Sheets    Sheets
Rating    Thick.    Each    Each
It works very well and seems to be reuseable for ever.
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7) From: Scott Marquardt
OK, a half dozen requests for poly samples have stacked up, so send me your
addy and I'll add 'em to the list.
Interest in this stuff is high, so doggonit I'll shell out the bucks for th=
hundred yards minimum I need to pick up to get going. Which means I might
make a profit on this two-bit product in a few years.    LOL
- Scott
On Jan 10, 2008 5:51 AM, True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69) 

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