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1) From: Jarred Vallozzi
Has anyone ever attempted to roast in a grill using hardwoods as the heat
source instead of the normal propane method?

2) From: Jim Gundlach
I have done it using pecan wood a couple of hundred times at least.   
In fact, I've yet to use propane in the grill.  It takes some practice  
but you can get a nice wood smoke flavor added that I like a lot.
       pecan jim
On Jan 10, 2008, at 10:33 AM, Jarred Vallozzi wrote:

3) From: ray
On some of my coffee searches I have seen on xtube coffee roasting in steel
drums like a 30 or 55 gallon drum over a wood fire and being spun with a
hand crank in the poorer country's.  My thoughts are that it has to add a
smoky taste to the beans and might be quite a wonderful  cup of coffee.
Some one with a  Webber kettle BBQ grill and a drum roster may have some
super good luck and taste added to the bean with a hint of wood smoke in the

4) From: Treshell
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5) From: Robert Yoder
Carlo DiRuoco (Mr. Espresso) uses Oak and roasts long and slow.  I used his=
 coffee for a long time, especially the Gold Medal Blend, which IIRC, he to=
ld me has no Columbian).  It was his style of roasting that caused me to tr=
y to lengthen my roasts.  The only thing in common between Mr. Coffee and M=
r. Espresso is the "Mr."  Mr. Espresso's coffees are widely used in better =
places, at least here in Northern California and Nevada  (DK about other pl=
robert yoder
Subject: Re: +spin on grill roastingFrom: treshell: homeroast=
ists.sweetmarias.comDate: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 12:24:05 -0700
Has anyone ever attempted to roast in a grill using hardwoods as the heat s=
ource instead of the normal propane method? -Jarredtry a search on the net =
for Mr Espresso (he was around long before Mr Coffee).  He is in CA and has=
 been roasting with wood from the 1950s and still does.  I keep thinking I =
should try some.treshell
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6) From: Michael I
On xtube, eh Ray?  I've not encountered the coffee roasting fetish before.
I'm hoping you actually meant YouTube.  For those that aren't aware of
xtube, I suggest you not visit it, especially from work.

7) From: ray
Oooops thought was one or another tube must have been YouTube was just
surfing through a Google search  in video mode  so was not sure who's tube I
was watching might have been the boob  TV tube for all I remember but sure
made me like living in the USA  Still would like to try some roasted over
wood the idea interests me lots but to cold right now to mess with it here
in Minnesota.

8) From: Jarred Vallozzi
I came up with the idea last night when I was over a friend's house who has
a BBQ with a side compartment for smoking.  We spent the evening roasting
and drinking coffee, smoking pipes, and talking about Christian thought as
it pertains to today's moral landscape.  Some of the best times of my life
have taken place over sipping coffee.  (including the first time I met my
wife, our first date, and when I asked her to marry me)
I am a new roaster (2 months old) and am excited to expand my knowledge and
skill.  Thank you all for the assistance.  You are a blessing.  And thank
you Tom!
On Jan 10, 2008 4:02 PM, Michael I  wrote:

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