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Topic: Anyone use a Bodum Santos electric vac coffee maker? (5 msgs / 116 lines)
1) From: ray
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Love to here your thoughts and tricks on using this machine?  The pros and
cons of it!
Thanks Ray

2) From: eric estes
I had the charbucks version of it several years ago - made a great cup, but=
 you should check out Tom's comments about it at s/m regarding the mess it =
tended to make.  Plus about a week after the warranty ran out the electroni=
cs died.  
From: pilgrim5: homeroast: +Anyo=
ne use a Bodum Santos electric vac coffee maker?Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 11:3=
8:09 -0600
Love to here your thoughts and tricks on using this machine?  The pros and =
cons of it!
Thanks Ray
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3) From: Dave
I have the small one. I haven't used it recently because it seems to
produce a fairly bitter brew.
Some days...
It's just not worth chewing through the leather straps
On Jan 11, 2008 9:38 AM, ray  wrote:

4) From: Eddie Dove
This may or may not be useful:http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/coffee/machines/268951#268951Have a great weekend!
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Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Referencehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On Jan 11, 2008 11:38 AM, ray  wrote:

5) From: Aaron Scholten
I have the bodum elec vac pot and I love it.
I have had it  about three years now and havent had a problem yet.   
WHen I goto work in the morning I don't need an entire 12 cup pot of 
coffee so I use it to heat up my water quickly to pour through the swiss 
gold,  about two cups or so worth every morning, more on weekends.
Tricks.  well.  grind the grounds fairly coarse, like a drip pot and 
work down from there on the fine ness.  This pot does NOT need super 
fine grounds to make a great coffee because of the way it bubbles and 
churns up topside.
One thing I have found is that, if sealed up and turned on cold, a cup 
or two of water will migrate north before really hitting full temp, and 
this can be an issue for some folks, and also cause the water to come 
rushing down south again very fast when it clicks off.
What I do is,I keep the top part with the grounds off until the water 
temp hits about 170 - 180 degrees F.  or the outside starts getting very 
warm to the touch.  you can tell this temperature without a thermometer 
because this is when the bubbles start to really start clinging to the 
side of the unit...  a thermometer is better though.   Once it hits that 
temp, put the top in to seal it, and let it do it's thing and boil 
itself up then siphon down from that point.
I find that this will slow down the water travel downwards quite 
significantly to allow it more time up top to extract, maybe taking 
abotu a minute to fully siphon down once the pot clicks off instead of a 
10 second whoosh when left to go from totally cold.   Why it does this I 
have NO friggin clue, one would think steam is steam in the bottom and 
the boil would drive the NCG's out but, well, I dont know.
The pot will make a cleaner coffee.  I like 'mouth feel' ie sediment in 
my coffee... I tell others, I like my coffee chunky, with the sediment 
of the swiss gold.   This one filters a bit better than the SG so the 
coffee will be i guess you could say cleaner.
Start with an automatic drip grind and go finer from there to suit your 
taste.  You don't want to go too fine because it can start to get bitter 
I find,  I believe this would be over extraction.....
TO be honest, I am not quite sure why tom didn't really like the 
electric pot, though it doesn't have the precision of a gas one.  One 
word though, the smaller 4/6 cup electric pots, I have heard nothing but 
problems about... they all start leaking and the people end up sending 
the in for warranty several times before getting a bigger one.   Design 
flaw there.
Enjoy your pot, and contrary to what many will try to tell you, it WILL 
make a good pot of coffee.

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