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Topic: Beans before swine (10 msgs / 299 lines)
1) From: Aaron
Some folks will never switch their ways.
At work, one individual brought in a stale old bag of starbucks today, 
and basically proclaimed,  Hmm Hmm Hmmmm!!  this one has been sitting 
around my house since last christmas (2006) not 07'.. so it should taste 
great, it's been nice and aged.  Of course this is the same person who 
thinks the 'gourmet' folgers is the best coffee ever created.
I have in the past tried to explain to this one that, coffee is not 
cheese, and aging is actually NOT a good thing for it past a few days.  
I even have offered to make him any coffee of mine to try and was 
politely turned down, nope, Ill drink my folgers and occasional 
starbucks, im set in my ways and I know what I like.
Luckily enough there are several others in the shop that I have turned 
onto my coffee and they pretty much shared the involuntary shiver and 
cringe when this oath was spoken aloud by this person.  I don't know but 
sometimes i think blasphemers like this are put on earth by the coffee 
gods to test our humility and to remind us how good we really do have it.
Generally what I have been doing is, when i roast a coffee at home, Ill 
drink it a few days, and then take the rest to work and leave it for 
everyone else.  (there are 15 coffee drinkers in the shop so it could 
get expensive quick to do this all the time), besides about half of them 
really could care less about the flavor and are just looking for the 
'buzz' so it's a waste on them as well IMHO when folgers or maxwell 
house is 'the same' in their eyes.  Yes i have tried, making several 
community pots and asking, how do you like it..... oh it's ok, or it's 
good but i can't really tell the difference.  I have even brought in my 
own brewer to make it so I know that the dismally slow Mr Coffee didn't 
kill it either.
Basically there are 6 of us, who every few days Ill bring in a batch and 
make up a pot and we will share it, or ill swiss gold a cup for them if 
they want.  On fridays I do a special pot where ill bring in a good 
Kona, or AME or one of the other truly outstanding coffees we get every 
so often and do that up for the group.  It's kind of a little rictual 
that we are developing.
Not everybody cares about their coffee or shares our passion, but for 
the few that do, its nice to have Sweet Marias around to keep fufilling 
a cup of  'pleasantness' to start the day with.  I had one guy tell me, 
you know Aaron, I really enjoy friday mornings and your coffee.  I asked 
him, oh well thank you, but why?  he said, well, I get to come in and 
relax for a few minutes and experience something really good for the 
first few minutes of the day, because we both know that after the friday 
morning meeting, the day generally turns to shit pretty soon 
afterwards... so it's nice to at least start it out happy and then go 
Ill file that as a compliment... I think.

2) From: Eddie Dove
Great read, Aaron!
I guess I should be thankful that the folks where I work enjoy the coffee
and I don't have any of those folks like you do!
Even though is just a cup coffee ... your co-worker's comments are a
testament to the fact that your generosity makes a difference in the lives
of others.  Just like the Behmor you sent me for which I ordered the new
drum today!
Have a great weekend!
Stop telling God how big your storm is.
Instead, tell the storm how big your God is.
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3) From: Jamie Dolan
It amazes me that "people" seem to love that stale over-roasted
flavor.  It amazes me even more when people can't tell the difference
between Folgers and real coffee.
Here's my little coffee sharing story;
It is really a great feeling when you do find people that really
appreciate and enjoy your coffee.  I dropped off a jar of fresh
roasted coffee for rheumatologist just before Christmas, I received a
note from him in the mail several days later, he told me how excellent
the coffee was.  I dropped off other non-coffee (chocolates) Christmas
presents for nearly 10 other people at the same time -- no one else
sent thank you notes!
I guess my home roasted coffee really made a positive impression!
I've also shared it with my family and a friend, and they have all
enjoyed it.
I've offered to send some with my wife to share at work, but somehow
she works in a office where there are almost no coffee drinkers!

4) From: Aaron
Well Jamie.  Most of them have been brainwashed to believe that folgers 
IS real coffee....
To be painfully honest..... it IS real coffee...... just not very good 
coffee...   They believed all the marketing hype shoved down their 
throats all these years and have gone with it.... just like with soooo 
many other things I dare not mention on this list lest it start a war.
Thing is, most others said, sure Ill try your coffee.  The ones who 
didn't care, at least were honest and said, yah, it's good but it really 
isn't that much 'gooder' than the folgers i drink.... I respect that, 
they were honest and at least tried it....  Then there are the few who 
are 'set in their ways'... Im too old to change my life now, I like what 
I know and that's that... one can't really think anything really too bad 
about them for that, its just sad that they are so beat down, so tired, 
they won't even try something new that they might like.
I just hope that when I get up in my years, that if i ever turn into 
someone who just wants to go with the flow, never do anything creative, 
never try something new... someone on this list.. please.... shoot me 
and put me out of my misery.... print and save this letter as proof for 
the police that I gave you permission to put me down... kind of like a 
pre emptive Dr Kevorkian thing... heh...

5) From: John Despres
Wow! Great story, Aaron.
So far, I'm lucky in that just about everyone I've shared with has been 
most appreciative. I say most everyone because I roasted up 7 half pound 
batches for my wife to give as Christmas gifts and several made it a 
point after break (Lea's a teacher) to tell her how much they enjoyed 
the roasts.
Another colleague of my wife's was so smitten, she bought her husband a 
roaster for Christmas.
However, I sent my best friend a batch for Christmas and he threw it in 
the freezer until he finished his 7-11 beans. It's still there. Ugh. He 
deserves what he gets.
Aaron wrote:
John A C Despres
Hug your kids
Scene It All Productions 
JDs Coffee Provoked Ramblings

6) From: John Brown
i go to the Doctors office quite a bit.  all the staff smile a lot when 
i come in.  for the last several months i bring in all the grounds i 
haven't used for them.  i am called the  coffee guy.  they have one who 
is the designated  keeper of the good stuff.  she keeps the container in 
her desk drawer and slaps hands that are not authorized.
my doctor gets some beans,  she always chews  one or two  real quick
with a beatific smile on her face.

7) From: Aaron
That's funny about the doctors office.  I too have been bringing beans 
to my doctors for a little while.  Granted I havent been making usual 
trips there, generally I go every few months, mainly because i need my 
'scripts refilled but bring coffee anyways.   one day I get a call left 
on my answering machine.  Hello Aaron, the test results are in for your 
cholesterol check.  We are happy to inform you that everything is fine, 
and you don't have to come in until your pills run out but, just for 
informational purposes, we are out of good coffee, so if you need 
anything at all, please know you are always welcome to come in at any 
time for any reason, even if you just want to ask questions.   I had to 
laugh out loud at that one!!  I went in two days later and brought them 
a few pounds of different beans just because.   I got too many friggin 
beans here anyways and any time i can find someone to share them with, I 
am happy.
Because of this my doctor really works with me, he changed a few of my 
pills for me, saying,  ok, these work just as well as what you are on, 
BUT the main difference is, the navy carries these, and they dont carry 
what you are on, so you wont have to pay for them.  Give them a try, and 
come in ... in a month so we can make sure everything IS working fine.  
Then in the navy pharmacy where i get my stuff, they will do a. look, 
there's no sense in you coming in every month to fill a perscription.  
Here's a 90 day supply.... so yes the coffee bribery does work here and 

8) From: Rich
Coffee is a recognized medium of exchange for the Navy.  Along with 
Aaron wrote:

9) From: John Brown
used to be ice cream as well.
a twenty pound can of coffee at the local MNPX made for the best choice 
in available movies, to be shown on the ship.  i assume that is long 
gone now.  as the electrical shop supervisor any time i went to the jack 
of the dust  that can of coffee just appeared like magic.  it could have 
been due to how i could fix the the ventilation and exhaust fans in the 
galley really fast.  circuit breakers on the main switch board.
Rich wrote:

10) From: Eddie Dove
After reading your story Jamie, I can't resist contributing.
For Christmas, like many of us ignoring Les' advice, I roasted some of
the last of my stash's India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold for gifts.
Folks around here LOVE that coffee and have advised me not to run out,
Tom?  I roasted small batches so that I could make sure the profile
was perfect to balance the spiced chocolate with the cherry.  I have
two sisters ...
Sister #1 sent the following message buried somewhere in the 3rd
paragraph in and email, "Tell Eddie that I said thanks for the coffee,
but we don't drink it. I gave it to my boss.  She is a huge coffee
drinker & she has a grinder at her house."  Maybe I will get a new
customer ...
Sister #2 has yet to respond.  Not sure which one is "closer to me" at
the moment ...
I guess we can all learn from Les ...
In contrast, periodically, I drop off coffee at the doctor's office
for the Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (CFNP) that I see and
sometimes everyone in the office.  She, Barbara, the CFNP, often
compliments my coffee, as do the others, but I know they are telling
the truth because they are very nice to me and very accommodating.
Before Christmas, I dropped off more coffee for the CFNP and received
the following message right up front in an email:  "Eddie - please
allow us to pay you for these wonderful smelling beans!!! Barbara and
I both love coffee and you can be our coffee guy only on condition you
allow us to pay for it! What do you say?"  As it turns out, this email
came from her husband and he is the PRESIDENT of the local hospital; I
sent him a list of my current offerings and price list.  He stopped by
the house, on his lunch shift to buy some freshly roasted coffee and
asked if I had any business cards to hand out to his contacts ... I
need to print more ...
They doctor's office is getting more coffee.
Stop telling God how big your storm is.
Instead, tell the storm how big your God is.
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