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1) From: John Brown
when i moved into my first new home there was a large empty lot across 
the street.  after ten years it is not an empty lot anymore.
there is a safeways, one each chinese, mexican, shush, pizza, thai, 
coffee shop, and a charbucks in the safe way.
now to get to the point with all of these places that have coffee for 
sale, the people at the credit union greet me with great big smiles.   
when i went in there wensday they wanted to know if i was all right, 
since it had been over a week since the last time i had been in.  they 
had a Christmas gift for me.  a box of chocolates and a very personal 
home made christmas card.  they also receive coffee.  some times even a 
flask of hot coffee.  the owners of the local Yamaha shop even ask me to 
roast several pounds a month for them.
i have to admit i love the smiles and the nick name.  it makes my day.

2) From: Rich
Good coffee opens many doors..
John Brown wrote:

3) From: Lynne
Loved reading this, John. Stuff like this - that, to me, is what life is all
about. So cool.
So - do you want to share your nickname? It' O.K. if you don't...
On Jan 11, 2008 11:04 PM, John Brown  wrote:

4) From: Larry Johnson
It must have been an earlier post, but I remember him saying that they
call him "the coffee guy".
John, I agree with Lynne. Stories like this make me smile and remind
me that I do like people (sometimes.) ;-)
On Jan 12, 2008 8:12 AM, Lynne  wrote:
Larry J

5) From: John Brown
the coffee guy
 when i call and say this they know who i am.
Lynne wrote:

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