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Topic: ok, I need the secret...i-Roast 2 (5 msgs / 138 lines)
1) From: Ken B
Where are you guys buying your goats?  I must be sacrificing inferior 
goats or something. :-)
I got two very nice roasts out of the last 10 batches, and went back 
today and tried to recreate one of them.  Close, but no cigar.  
Obviously, there is an arcane art here that I am missing.  I am not 
doing the right enchantment, or holding my mouth just right while 
jumping up and down on one leg uttering the spell, or something.  I have 
started logging the internal temperature as shown on the i-Roast every 
minute on each roast.  Using the same profile, the temperatures were as 
much as 5 degrees different at each stage.  The difference in ambient 
temperature? 1 degree.  I could have sworn I actually heard second crack 
this time, but when I looked in the colander, there were only 2 divots, 
yet the internal temperature read 5 degrees hotter than the first 
roast.  (the first roast produced ~24 divots).  It is possible I guess 
that the 2/3 cup of bans were a bit lighter this time.  The scale should 
be here this week, so that variable will at least become a constant.
I believe I am starting to see how the i-Roast works.  It would seem 
that the temperature setting you set on your program is a ramp target 
temperature at the end of the time you program.  e.g. if you program 350 
- 3 minutes, then 370 - 2 minutes, it tries to ramp from whatever the 
temp at the end of the first stage (usually around 347) to the 
programmed temperature by the end of the second stage (usually exactly 
370).  It seems to be pretty accurate until you program 390.  If I 
program 390 - 2 min, it seems to consistently hit 387 in 1 minute, and 
405 in 2.  It seems that it will always end at 405.  Not a biggie, since 
my next stage is 405, but still unexpected results.
I am going to try to change my 4th stage to 450 for 1 minute, then 435 
for 4 minutes and cut the roast when I think it is done.  I will post 
the results of this experiment later this evening.  In the interim, if 
anyone has a good source for goats, or tapes of the spells said 
perfectly, please let me know. ;-)
Best Regards,
Ken B

2) From: Ross
Check the archives, logging the internal temp as shown on the IRoast is a 
total waste of time and brain bytes, it will lie to you over and over.  Get 
an 8" thermometer to go through the chaff collector or a temp probe to go 
under the seal and you will see what I'm talking about.  Once you have a 
"reliable" temperature, you can control some of the other variables and get 
some repeatability with no goats required.   Once you get your IRoast 
probed contact me off list and I will give you the data I have recorded that 
resulted in successful roasts in the IRoast, at least you will get much 
better odds than two in ten.
Good Luck,

3) From: Ken B
Thanks Ross.  I will track down the mod and see if I can get it in.  I 
appreciate the heads up.
Best Regards,
Ken B
Ross wrote:

4) From: Mike Sieweke
There are a few things you should know about how the iRoast (1 or 2)  
- The first 3 minutes are limited to 350 degrees
- The fan speed is limited based on temperature setting:
     320-385 - high speed only
     390-410 - high or medium speed
     415-485 - high, medium, or low speed
- The maximum achievable temperature depends on the amount of chaff.   
   chaff reduces airflow, which means higher temperatures.
- If the roaster is badly calibrated, the air temperature may be up  
to 100
   degrees higher than the internal temperature readout.
- Since amount of chaff varies widely from roast to roast (even for  
the same
   bean), the temperatures can vary greatly from one roast to another.
The only way to consistently know what's going on is to get a  
thermometer in
the beans.
On Jan 13, 2008, at 10:28 AM, Ken B wrote:

5) From: raymanowen
I think the i-Roast 2 is not the place to start roasting.
The i-Roast   is the best start, IMNSHO. It has only two parts, and
therefore, only two spare parts to worry about. Both available locally: the
heat gun and the bread machine.
You can get two complete ROster set-ups for a bill, and you'll start life a=
a 1 pound roaster with a hot spare.
Can't beat that, and the bread machine parts are Available right now- "Made
a Great Gift." Check your local thrift store. Check your Not-so-local thrif=
store, it will be worth it. Let your fingers do the walking...
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?
On Jan 13, 2008 12:21 PM, Ken B  wrote:

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