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Topic: Resting Time Discovery with Behmor (9 msgs / 149 lines)
1) From: Florida Randy
With the Z&D I never had coffee that lasted as long as 3-5 days after
roasting....it was consumed!  Now that I can roast coffee in larger
batches with my new Behmor I've discovered that coffee tastes better
with longer rest times.  I roasted a pound and a week later I couldn't
believe how wonderful it aged after roasting.
Is their and optimum rest time?  Does it vary by bean?  Or am I simply
tasting the benefits of the Behmor over the smaller batch sizes of the Z
& D?
Randy in Florida

2) From: ray
It would seem so I know some of my roasts have city roast and later about a
week I get some oil on the outside of the bean almost like French but its
not!  Some beans seem the chemical reaction to roasting goes on for quite a
while after there done with the roasting have found some after just a day
not so flavorful a bean but a  week later wow kick butt!!

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
Many have been espousing the flavor changes/benefits of up to a couple weeks
or so rest time for years! IMO most coffees are barely developed at 3 days
and usually just coming alive at 5 and for espresso a minimum week rest is
often called for...
What's important is how the cup tastes to you. The best way to determine how
different beans/roasts taste at different rests is to try them from day one
to two weeks or more yourself. What bean, how roasted, how rested, how
brewed will all effect the results.
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4) From: Florida Randy
Mike - I'm going to feel much more freedom to roast further out given
this experience.  I've only been around the list and roasting for a year
or so but frankly had missed the value of rest...or was simply too
impatient to pay attention as I was so anxious to drink!
Your humble opinion is always valuable!
Randy in Florida
On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 09:34:58 -0800, "miKe mcKoffee" 

5) From: Barry Luterman
In addition to bean and roast level being a variable in aging to peak . I
have noticed that there seems to be a geographical variable as well. Here in
Hawaii it seems to take one day more for coffee to reach it's peak than on
the Mainland. I don't think it is my individual taste either. My daughter is
a home roaster and lives in Kansas City. I have noticed this phenomenon when
I visit her and she agrees on her visits here. She also tells me my roasts
are better than hers. But then again she scored a Technivorm for the
holidays from Dad.
On Jan 13, 2008 7:41 AM, Florida Randy  wrote:

6) From: peterz
Wait, wait WAIT!!!
Kansas city is outside of the Bermuda Triangle..
I rest my case.
Barry Luterman wrote:

7) From: Barry Luterman
So is Hawaii. I think it might be the BOG or Pele.
On Jan 13, 2008 9:33 AM, peterz  wrote:

8) From: Larry English
I vote for Pele - she's jealously possessive of her products, like lava
rocks - maybe her coffee just isn't ever going to be as good off-island as
at home ???
On Jan 13, 2008 11:55 AM, Barry Luterman  wrote:

9) From: raymanowen
You guys- you're pronouncing it all rong.
It's not "Kansas City," it's *Kan'**s** City*. -ro
On Jan 13, 2008 12:33 PM, peterz  wrote:
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