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Topic: ESPRESSO LOCATIONS IN NYC...HELP (5 msgs / 97 lines)
1) From: homeroast
Hello Lister's...
Next week over 2/3 of my 'RAE Engineering Coffee Club' will be in New
York City for the AHR Expo. I would like to find out if any members of
this list can recommend some good locations near the JAVITS CONVENTION
CENTER or the HILTON Times Square. I am not getting to make the trip,
but I want to let my guys experience for good coffee while they are
there. Then they can praise my daily efforts or crab at the quality of
my daily offerings, whichever way it falls.
No, I really want them to try the good stuff. 
Thanks in advance...

2) From: homeroast
There's nothing that I know of around the Javits or Times Square, but relatively close are two absolute top quality coffee shops:
Ninth St. Espresso (their 2nd location)
75 9th Ave., in Chelsea Market between 15th & 16th
Cafe Grumpy
224 W. 20th St., between 7th & 8th
Your folks will get the best at either place.  Grumpy has a couple of Clovers, too.
I don't normally get much more uptown than Chelsea, though, so maybe someone else can recommend something closer to Times Sq.

3) From: homeroast
Well, that was quick. Thanks AdkMike. 
Oh, our folks will be keeping in touch through our company E-Mail
system, so even if you think of some place over the week end or even
next week, I can relay the info to them...
Again, thanks so much.

4) From: homeroast
I'll firmly second the recommendation for Cafe Grumpy (they are both
good, but I much prefer the straight shots I get at Grumpy).
On Jan 18, 2008 2:53 PM,   wrote:

5) From: homeroast
I can recommend Sicaffe on Lexington Ave at 70th st.
I believe they have another cafe downtown, but I've never been there..

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