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1) From: John - wandering Texas
OK experts, a little help here.  I absolutely loved the Brazilian Sito Soao
(auction winner) that Tom had for a VERY short period. I have nursed my 5
pounds about as far as I could and now need something to replace it with.  I
know that a lot of us ordered the Brazilian SS, so there has to be somebody
that recognizes the taste I'm longing for.... HELP!!
An aside: I was given some Costa Rican LM that came from another vendor - it
is clearly an inferior grade and the taste is lousy!  Anyone caring to give
me a coffee bean gift should only think of Sweet Maria's :O)
John - back to the constant Football Bowl Games
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2) From: Floyd Lozano
I am looking at the coffee production calendar on the SM site () and it says
Brazilians should be shipping around this time (I know this isn't
guaranteed, but I'm hopeful).  I am looking for a good Brazilian as a SO
espresso or espresso blending component.  Anybody know if any Brazilian
offerings are imminent?

3) From: Jeff Oien
Floyd Lozano wrote:
How about the Brazil Organic -Fazenda Jacaranda?

4) From: Floyd Lozano
1 lb lots only, unfortunately, because i liked this one.  I prefer the
'buy 9 lbs get one free' pricing!
On 10/16/07, Jeff Oien  wrote:

5) From: Jeff Oien
Woops sorry I didn't notice that. Some like the Brazil Cachoeira da 
Grama Yellow Bourbon but I like using dry process.
Seems like a lot of the Brazils get to SM by early in the year.
Floyd Lozano wrote:

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