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Topic: Behmor, basket damage ... (Re: +Wow... Nicaragua Matagalpa...) (6 msgs / 70 lines)
1) From: homeroast
Bryan Wray wrote:
I figured out the problem today ... http://www.sklenar.info/images/temp/PICT2696.JPG... now I know why I 
loose at least 20+ grams every roast, no matter how large the bean. 
Anyone know how to repair one of these baskets (food safe) without being 
a metalworker? :(

2) From: homeroast
Weave a couple of paper clips across the break.  Look for th non plated 
Patrick R. Sklenar wrote:

3) From: homeroast
Rich wrote:
I don't happen to have any around the house.  I'm planning to go visit 
my folks in a little bit, will see if they have any.  Thanks for the idea!
And I can't keep this to myself, Joe Behm saw my posting & photo and HE 
contacted ME with an offer to replace the drum from out of the blue.  
He's a true gentleman and sure takes his business seriously!  He's as 
much a pleasure to do business with as Tom & company are from Sweet Maria's!

4) From: homeroast
Joe seems to understand what Product Support means.  It is a very 
refreshing change from the normal routine that you receive from the 
Patrick R. Sklenar wrote:

5) From: homeroast
I agree! Joe is a true pleasure to deal with. Very responsive and  
wants to solve problems. Great roaster and superb customer support!
On Jan 19, 2008, at 1:39 PM, Patrick R. Sklenar wrote:

6) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
I now suspect my original cylinder was damaged when I first opened the 
box.  I should get my new normal size grid cylinder tomorrow (according 
to DHL's tracking site), but I did two roasts this afternoon using the 
small grid cylinder - Kenya Thika-Gethumbwini (which is a tiny peaberry) 
and Sumatra 19+ TP Lake Tawar.  Okay, I wouldn't expect the Sumatra to 
be able to fall out of the small grid, but he Kenya, sure, why not ... 
those are darn tiny peaberries!  But nope, not one bean from either 
roast fell out.  With the original basket, I'd lose an average of 20g 
worth of beans, and much more when I tried to do an small bean.
This is just too darn nice (being able to roast when it's dark out and 
there's precip coming down).
pat----http://www.sklenar.info/coffee.htmlDave Ehrenkranz wrote:

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