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1) From: Bob Hazen
Here's a tip for those of you considering the small-screen Behmor drum.  It 
may strike you as "well duhhh.." but it didn't occur to me until this 
It's been said that the tradeoff with the smaller screen is small beans 
falling through vs. a reduction in chaff elimination.  I have completed a 
few roasts now with the smaller screen.  It is true that it holds chaff a 
bit more.  However, I found that simply shaking the full drum over the sink 
(not rotating it, but giving some good shakes) gets rid of the contained 
chaff.  It seems the beans break up the chaff and it falls out the screen. 
Down the garbage disposal it goes.  Seems so obvious, but I guess it took a 
relaxed Sunday morning get me there.

2) From: kevin creason
I do that anyway with the regular drum, but shake it all over the driveway.
It tends to not dechaff as well as air roasters. Duh to me on that, too.
I bought a large metal mesh colander at Target that has nice big open holes,
by Oneida I think. I'm using it with the BBQ roasts and it works fantastic
over a fan. I think I will try it with my small Behmor roasts, too.
On Jan 27, 2008 2:29 PM, Bob Hazen  wrote:
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3) From: Paul Carder
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Bob, My experience exactly! This drum is a MUST for BEHMOR owners!

4) From: Mike Loew
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Love mine too.

5) From: Bob Luis
On Jan 28, 2008 10:26 AM, Mike Loew  wrote:

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