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Topic: Nice temperature probe (10 msgs / 202 lines)
1) From: Paul Helbert
I was shopping Costco for party stuff for Saturday's Groundhog's bonfire and
came across a nifty remote temperature probe. It's Maverick Model #ET-77
Remote Roasting Thermometer. The stainless probe piece looked long enough to
get down into a popper without having to drill through the side, but I
needed to straighten it in a vice to get the length I wanted. It has a nice
big read-out and seems to report to the display frequently enough to track
with my SM thermocouple. I like the stiff stainless probe. I've been a bit
concerned about that flimsy little unprotected wire thermocouple.  Price was
Early Sunday morning I'm off to the Florida keys with a friend for the SCAS
Winter Star Party. So I'm busy roasting 500 grams for the Groundhog's
bonfire, 400 grams to leave here for my dad and daughter who will be
watching the farm while I'm off, and about a kilo for the week of star
party. If anyone else from the list is going to be there, look around for
me. I'll be brewing six or seven cup at a time with the Cona D...until I run
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2) From: kevin creason
i saw something very similar but passed for the simple reason i was
wanting to get sometthing i could download to the pc.
i just bought a multimeter with temp probe rated to 790f and has an
optical to rs232 port. i have not used it or looked at the cdrom yet,
but i'm afraid i made a bad purchase as it probably has no memory and
only sends live readings to the pc. the only laptops i have with rs232
ports are too slow for mswin, and run a lite linux. but, it was only
$65. sticker says 'dt9602r'.
On 1/31/08, Paul Helbert  wrote:
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3) From: ray
Where did you get the multimeter?  And what is the model number and price?

4) From: Paul Helbert
Eventually I want to try that route, too. Keep us informed.
I've an old laptop I'd love to load linux onto. Unfortunately there is no
CDROM only floppys or dialup modem. Down loading a distro would take days.
Has one serial & one parallel port. Any ideas? I've an old copy of
DamnSmallLinux but it needs CDROM.
Major Ice event here in the Shenandoah Valley this morning. The grind
stalled in front of guests. Pulled the funnel and made a decent pot in spite
of the grounds in bottom, but now they KNOW I'm nuts!

5) From: Brian Zambrano
One option for the technically savvy is to build your own.  Like Kevin (and
other I'm sure), I wanted something that would log directly to the computer
but commercial solutions are way too expensive.
What I ended up building is working perfectly and total cost was probably
about $75.  I'm using the Arduino board along with an AD595 chip and Type K
thermocouple.  You have to do a little programming for both the Arduino and
on your computer itself to log the data, but it's not too difficult.  One of
the many nice things about the Arduino is that it's an open source board and
there are a lot of resources and examples out there.
If anyone wants to give it a shot, you can order all of the parts I
mentioned from Spark Fun Electronics.  Arduino link below:http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_idf6BZ
On Feb 1, 2008 8:14 AM, Paul Helbert  wrote:

6) From: Angelo
There are a number of distros of Linux that will load from a USB 
pendrive. See, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/<Snip>

7) From: peterz
There used to be a zip drive that hooked to a parallel port. I had one 
but it went to Salvation Army Thrift store a while ago.
I may still have some disks for it if you need them though.
Paul Helbert wrote:

8) From: PJ
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" I like the stiff stainless probe. I've been a bit concerned about that =
flimsy little unprotected wire thermocouple."  
Hey Paul
I use a HG/BM to roast with I have a SM probe that I use so to protect =
it I got a deep fryer thermometer (the dial type) cut the stem just =
below the dial striped all the guts out of the stem and slipped the =
flimsy little probe inside it has worked well for a year now

9) From: ray
Got a foot long tempter stainless steel probe from home depot its was used
for deep frying turkey so it's about 12" long and goes up to 750 degrees
think it was under $20.00

10) From: Paul Helbert
Great info. I'll look into the Arduino board / AD595 route. Looks promising.
Also thanks for the gutted CC probe thermocouple protector ideas. The old
laptop has no USB port and I'm not sure the BIOS will allow loading from
remote locations, but I should be able to convert serial port to USB via an
adapter, no?
There are so many great minds here.
Thanks folks!

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