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Topic: Arrgh! Dead Gene Cafe! (6 msgs / 128 lines)
1) From: John Despres
My Gene Cafe dumped on me today :-(
For starters, I keep it immaculately clean. I use all the 
recommendations posted by Eddie in his review of the machine. I vacuum 
out the chaff collector, the drum, the bottom screen between every roast.
Today while pre-warming it, there was an odd buzzing sound and it went 
immediately into emergency shut down, beeps and all. It was so peculiar 
and startling, it made me jump about 2 feet. I shut the roaster down and 
waited a couple minutes. When I started it up, everything seemed normal, 
but the temperature wasn't climbing. I let it run for about thirty 
seconds and shut it down again. I removed the drum and started it up 
once more and held my hand in front of the hot air port - cold air 
coming through. My highly trained and qualified assessment of the 
situation is as follows - the heating element is busticated. Further 
investigation (mostly by listening to the machine) indicates the fan may 
be the real culprit...
I have sent an email and placed a call Tim Skaling.
In the meantime, I'm wringing my hands and pacing and waiting...
John A C Despres
Hug your kids
Scene It All Productions 
JDs Coffee Provoked Ramblings

2) From: Rich
One word comes to mind...  Behmor
John Despres wrote:

3) From: Bill
Can't beat the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the heat gun as a
On Feb 3, 2008 11:10 AM, Rich  wrote:

4) From: raymanowen
Proper acquisition of the HG/BM setup will yield a primary and a complete
secondary roaster for a C note.
If you live for the buttons, there are plenty on a bread machine. We use an
Oster as a whole grain bread machine, and an identical one as a ROster. The
DAK/Welbuilt was an excellent glass domed bread machine, and I *Knew* it
tended to "walk" around on the counter as it kneaded the dough ball.
I dumbly left it alone to churn a full size loaf by itself. At the sound of
the BANG! I imagined a few expletives. Had I been watching, it would not
have walked off the edge. With two communicating brain cells, I might have
set it on the floor or in the sink, but No!
Amazing how fast you can think after you have pulled a dumb stunt. Before
the BANG! stopped reverberating, a certain fricative was completing the
rounds of the synapses, turning them into one-way streets!
Vacuum brained jughead... But the Dough cycle still cranks out good bagel
dough and pineapple, cinnamon and brown sugar coffee cake dough. Sadly, it
was always retarded as a roaster, because it took a cyclone bean/ chaff
separator to vacuum out the beans.
In the process, the beans were pretty cool as they fell out of the bottom
funnel of the cyclone. The chaff was all gone, so the cyclone was a plus.
The cyclone's blower with a colander cools the beans in seconds without
making the back yard look like a scale model grain elevator.
Cheers, Mabuhay, ting hoan h, enjoy the brew -RayO, aka Opa!
On Feb 3, 2008 12:35 PM, Bill  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Might=
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

5) From: Larry English
How old is your Gene Cafe, John?  Mine blew its heater box just before the
1-yr warranty was up - cuttin' it close.  Tim was very quick on the repair -
no problem.
On Feb 3, 2008 9:50 AM, John Despres  wrote:

6) From: John Despres
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Just over 2 months old - I bought in late november... Yes, I'm counting 
on Tim to come through.
Larry English wrote:
John A C Despres
Hug your kids
Scene It All Productions 
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