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1) From: raymanowen
As I've said, I was reduced to some preground flavored coffee bricks. The
grind looked excellent but the aroma left me wishing. Evidently, Tia Maria
is some kind of artificial booze flavor.
I dislike much of the booze purveyed today, but ersatz booze flavor is
++ungood. Why wreck coffee with it? On the other hand, I like Bailey's Irish
Cream and honey when coffee comes up short. Years ago, I used to carry a
couple of emergency shot bottles in my jacket- The fix for dreckig coffee.
Sarah stopped by: "Green coffee beans? I saw you playing with some in a
Vitamin Cottage bag, right umm, over Here!"
"Hmmm- thanks, kiddo- more points. I had my main stash in a long box- have
you seen it?"
"Look, Pop, you already owe me big time since I found the the 3rd Topcon and
all of your accessories... You want I should bring cheese to go with your
whine? We'll find them."
Nobody has thrown things out for the past 34 years. I've been afraid I'd
forget and pitch something . I've been threatened with, "If you
haven't touched it in two months, I know you've forgotten it. Even if you
remember it in two or twenty years- forget it, it's gone for good!"
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
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On Feb 16, 2008 8:46 PM, Lynne  wrote:
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2) From: Lynne
Yeah, I never threw anything out - until I made some major moves, first to
AZ, then
back to MA, then out & about around here. My mom was a obsessivecleaner, I
opposite. I think I heard her voice from beyond telling me to get rid of
everything when
I was trying to pack all those boxes. Man, I HATE moving - my sympathies go
out to
I had movers once - going from AZ back home to MA. That made life so much
but they lost my daughter's guitar (which they paid for) and a bag which had
contents (which I foolishly didn't make them pay for). Every now and then
I'll remember
some small items I can't find, that I haven't seen for years - I figure they
were in that bag.
Of course, I was wise enough to fill the trunk of my car with all my real
'valuables.' Those
were my photos and other sentimental items (I kept my mom's eyeglasses,
library card &
little things she used daily - those are worth the world to me). Other
things can always be
replaced - I wasn't homeroasting back then - you can be sure if I was, my
greens & roasting
equipment would have a spot reserved in my car (right along with the
electric coffee pot, coffee
& cups I* did* bring for the long journey!)
(hoping you find all your greens soon, Ray!)
On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 1:49 AM,  wrote:
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3) From: Seth Grandeau
I was using my IR2 outside during the last warm spell and I found that
opening the cover had many simultaneous effects.
   1. Chaff everywhere (I was roasting IMV)
   2. Much more airflow and movement in the bean mass at the same fan
   3. I BIG drop in temperature (at least according the the IR2's
   4. Did I mention the chaff.
I found I liked unlocking the cover, but not taking it off.  This let the
chaff run free (be free, chaff, be free!), gave me better bean movement, but
didn't drop the temperature too much.  Be careful taking the top all the way
off, particularly during cooling, as some beans may come flying out at you.
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4) From: Lynne
Yes, Seth - and the beans can go ALL over the porch (I gathered up nearly
all of them, but the roast turned out so bad, I could have tossed them).
I was just nosey & wanted to see what it was doing in there. Good point
about the drop in temp.
I'll be trying it again, prob. this weekend.
Seth Grandeau  wrote:
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5) From: Seth Grandeau
I remember reading about how some people used a large cardboard on its side
with the IR2 inside it to help "keep in the heat".  I think they may have
used a space heater to pre-heat the box, since the IR2 is very sensitive to
ambient temps.
I can't wait until we get back in the 50s and I can start roasting outside
again.  Much more peaceful than sitting on the floor with my dryer hose out
the window!
Good luck.
On 2/27/08, Lynne  wrote:
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6) From: Chuck Haines
I am also using a IR-2 and have had a lot of luck with it.  If you
want to see some of the beans I've used with my roasting curves (might
give you some starting points), check out www.codemonkeyjava.com.  The
curves obviously won't be the same as they vary from machine to
machine, but I know I had some people share some curves with me that
really helped me nail down the curves I'm using.
On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 5:52 PM, Seth Grandeau  wrote:
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