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Topic: HotTop in Cold Weather (11 msgs / 252 lines)
1) From: John Haley
I am borderline on ordering a HotTop. I have a venting system for my iR2
which works fine, but no range hood exhaust for a HotTop. The "Tips" for the
unit on SM say that the roasting process will be altered, or stopped, in
cold weather. Since my only means, at least in the foreseeable future,
 would be to use it outside of my upper New York state home, is there any
point in getting one in this cold season. I'm particularly interest in
result from owners who use it in similar conditions. Thanks.
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2) From: gin
My very first Hot Top was purchased from Sweet Maria's in 2002, still going strong today, actually Eddie has it now.
I used the HT in 5 degree weather in Powell Butte, Oregon. I used it in the garage and never had an issue.
I did discover that my Behmor, if let out on the patio in colder weather, needs to sit inside for a bit before the safety lets you roast.
I tossed an old blanket over it as a test last week in 33 degree overnight here in Scottsdale AZ and it was fine, ready to go.
I would not fear or hesitate getting a Hot Top for your place.
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3) From: Kelly Wilson
Well, others have said they roast under their range fan. I roast  
outside. I can usually find a somewhat mild day here in northern  
M'ssippi, but sometimes have to roast in the cold--yes it freezes in  
M'ssippi. But the other thing is just plain likability of the hottop.  
I love my hottop. I have only had it for a few months and don't feel  
like I have even begun to plumb its potential. I predict a long and  
happy roasting relationship. I know me, if I hadn't bought it, I would  
have wished I had. I am a gear head, so speaking as a gearhead, it is  
the bomb.
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4) From: Robert Joslin
     I've been roasting with a HT for several years, at first in the kitchen
under the ventahood, then in an unheated garage with the door open to
disperse the smoke and later in a small unheated roasting shed.  I'm sure
our winter temps are milder than upstate NY, but I have often roasted with
ambient temps in mid 30s with absolutely no difficulty.  I believe the HT is
a fine piece of equipment, very rugged and durable for those who like drum
roasting and aren't inclined to build their own.  It can deliver an
excellent roast with very little fuss, and the newer models even allow some
degree of profiling.
On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 3:40 PM, gin  wrote:
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5) From: Dennis Parham
Yowza!! I was just looking at the hot top!! Time to move up from my  
custom poppery but DANG!! Did the price double in the last couple of  
years?? I thought I remember it being around 500 bucks!!??
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On Feb 24, 2008, at 4:40 PM, gin  wrote:
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6) From: Bob Hazen
Yep!  Expensive aren't they?  May I cordially suggest you consider a Behmor? 
I'm delighted with mine.  I can't see ever buying a Hottop even if I could 
score one at $500.  Apart from the roaster, the involvement, customer 
service and passion of Joe Behm is unsurpassed in our current society.  I 
spent some time on the phone with him shortly after I bought mine when I 
thought I had a problem.  Turns out it was pilot error.  But, I learned a 
lot about his journey to get this roaster to market.
In anticipation of obvious questions:  No... I'm not on the payroll for 
Behmor! (grin)  Just a very pleased customer.  And I do admit, Joe deserves 
to succeed with this endeavor.

7) From: Dennis Parham
Yup.. I'm  steering towards the Behmor.. I used to be heavy on SM list  
couple years ago and worker allot with the supentown roaster and  
poppery original..modded if course... LOL I've been thinking of  
getting something cleaner as I have been roasting in my kitchen ..  
Have nice variac ran original poppery , can do 16oz measuring cup  
level of most beans.. But I miss the "drum profiles" I could mimic  
with my convection oven type roaster... + what a mess constantly... I  
just picked up a HG from harbor freight located around the corner of  
my house!! For about 16 bucks to make more batterypacks for my ebikes  
I build... And just realized I forgot I could roast with it!!! LOL  
anyway, that got me thinking about a real roaster as I do have a  
decent amount of people I roast for!!! And all from my popper !!! Long  
story short... I'm going to see about buying the behmor soon!!
Dennis Parham
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On Feb 24, 2008, at 6:51 PM, Bob Hazen  wrote:
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8) From: French Lewis
Hi John,
I have owned a Hot Top for the past 2 year, and I live
in Connecticut.    I do not have a kitchen exhaust fan
that vents outdoors, so I roast in my garage.    Even
on the coldest days, the garage is around 40 F.    I
may be lucky, but haven't had any problems with
stalled or stopped roasts due to ambient temperature. 
I'm very happy with my unit.    While it doesn't have
all the profile control the newest versions have, I'm
still getting better coffee than I can buy anywhere
else (aside from a local roaster).     The one thing
to be aware of is when you jump from a fluid bed
roaster to the 250g capacity of the Hot Top, you get
much more smoke.    As I mentioned, the garage works,
and the house gets a nice roasted coffee aroma.
I hope this helps,
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9) From: Brett Mason
Dennis - nice to see you - where have you landed now?  I remember San Diego,
and seems you went east...
Great to see you onlist!
On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 6:12 PM, Dennis Parham  wrote:
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10) From: MichaelB
If you roast indoors with the iR2 why not do the same with the Hottop. I
use an ordinary 8 inch window exhaust fan and roast on a table right in
front of the window. It gets rid of all the smoke - no smoke alarms ever
triggered. It does leave some coffee smell which nobody in the family finds
On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 2:39 PM, John Haley  wrote:
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11) From: Mike Chester
I roast with my HT in the un-heated garage all year long.  I have roasted 
when the ambient temperature was below 10F. and have had no problems.  The 
roaster squeaks a bit before it warms up and the warm-up takes longer, but 
once the roast starts, it proceeds normally.  The profiles run very close to 
the way they run in warm weather.  The cooling is, of course, much faster 
and there is little or no wait between batches.  I roast with the 2 car door 
open, but for the most part, the roaster is sheltered from the wind.  Since 
the HT is not insulated, I think wind on it might cause a problem, so if you 
are roasting outside, I would provide a wind break.
The quality of the roaster is excellent and it will last for a long time 
without service, but Mike at Hottop USA provides excellent customer service 
if needed.  My experience with Mike has been as good as the reports about 
Joe at Behmor.  You don't get any better than those two.
Mike Chester

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