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1) From: Dave Kvindlog
Last night, my 15-yr old son asked me to teach him how to roast (I
currently use a popper).  Seems he gets frustrated when I'm busy or on
travel and he runs out of homeroast.  He loves a FP every day, adds ice,
milk, a little sugar, and recently some caramel syrup.  Tasty, but too sweet
for me.  I prefer mine hot and straight.  I gladly showed him the ropes on
our first batch, then let him do the second batch under my supervision.  We
roasted 3 batches of Costa Rica Dota Dry Process to Full City (more on that
Still didn't have enough roasted for the week, and couldn't wait to try the
Guatemala Finca San José Ocaña that Harvey dropped on my doorstep this =
week, so I went back into the garage for some more fun.  The wife wanted to
talk before going to bed, so took a break after the first batch.  Upon my
return I found my son sitting on the hearth in the family room with my
popper sitting on the fireplace grate, roasting some more Costa Rica Dota
Dry Process, this time to City+.  He liked yesterday's roast, but wanted it
a bit lighter.  He's a quick learner and not afraid to experiment.  The
setup looked awkward but he was motivated by the warmth of the house and
"Men in Black" on the TV beside him.  I did a bean crunch afterward, and the
roast was a success.  The ingenuity of youth.
Back to yesterday's Costa Rica.  I made a FP this morning and WOW.
Chocolate, almost syrupy, clove, chocolate, medium body, awesome.  Did I
mention chocolate?  I'm going to like this one.  If it's this good now, I
wonder how much better it'll be at 72 hours.  At the rate my son has been
drinking it, I may never find out.
Also tried tonight's Guatemala Finca San José Ocaña.  Actually, just
finished the cup.  Roasted to FC.  French pressed.  Bright, very sweet
(raiseny has been mentioned on the list, and they're right), with chocolate
tones and a little spice (not sure which yet, but adds just a little snap).
This one will be interesting once it gets a 3-day rest.  Too bright for me
right now.
But the best cup by far, from this past week's purchase, is the Sumatra Blue
Batak "Tarbarita" Peaberry.  Hands down goodness.  Gotta get some more.  2#
will NOT be enough.
Gotta get some sleep.  Dreaming of tomorrow's cup of joy...
-- =
Dave Kvindlog
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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2) From: Lynne
Ah... the Master hands down the tradition to his son!! How many CSA points
is THAT worth???
I have children in the young adult stage, and none have ever asked - no, my
youngest, (she's 22) did ask to watch me & did it along with me once, (one &
only time) but that was to impress her (then) new boyfriend.
Terrific, Dave!
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3) From: Robert Joslin
     I am finishing up the last of a 450g batch of the finca San Jose Ocana
roasted last week.  A 13:30 drum roast with a rolling first at 10:30 (370)
and a 16.5% wt loss.  This is another of those centrals that have the most
heavenly aroma just out of the roaster.  Comes across to me as molasses,
very sweet, cocoa and some kind of toasted nut fragrance.  I wanted to dig
in with a spoon.  Like you, I couldn't wait to try it.  Ground a dose and
let it sit for about 30 mins before brewing. A handsome bloom in the top of
the chemex but a dizzying aroma (hyperventilating?) and cups (3) were so
tasty I had to do it all over again, but increased the coffee/water ratio.
Six cups in about 90 mins.  Life is good.  And this lilttle bean grows in
character (subtly) as it ages post roast.  I won't know what  this batch is
like at day five.......  its all gone.  Next roast I plan to duplicate this
batch, plus a second batch carried to FC+ and try some proportional blending
of the two.  Happy roasting Dave. Thank you Tom!                    Josh
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4) From: Ed Needham
My son, who is 14, sometimes sits out with me when I roast, but usually he 
has to be more active than that.  He's at a stage where quiet time for 
contemplative thought is a waste. (grin)  I think he does more of that while 
going ballistic on his drum set than he does when things are quiet.  Same 
with the piano and Fender electric guitar.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

5) From: Bill
Not to stir the "Ken Davids pot", but... I remember reading in Home Roasting
that children and servants were generally the roasters of yesteryear...
seeing as how simple it was/is... so well done Dave!!  The best will be when
he starts developing roasts that are different and complementary...bill
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